The Simple Dos and Don’ts of Placing Area Rugs In Home Decor

When it comes to making a style statement for your home, area rugs are the best decor tools. Plus, they are are an excellent alternative to carpets for may reasons, easier to remove, switch, clean, shapes, textures, to name a few.
But every time we have a versatile or supremely fashionable home decor element that we want to play with, the margin for error gets absolutely minimum. Such is the case with the area rugs.

So whether you’re moving to a new space or planning to spruce up your existing one, there are certain rules you must follow while placing an area rug, then whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or dining room.

However to make it all the easier for you to correctly position area rugs in your house we have come up with simple do’s and don’ts that upon following you’ll have a beautiful looking rug indise your home that would add to the charm and make your house look very elegant without you having to move any furniture around. So let’s start

The Do’s

– Leave equal spaces on the either side of the rug. One common mistake that people often make is by placing the area rugs in asymmetry i.e., not leaving equal spaces on the edges. Plus, the ratio of uncovered area to rug should be equal as well because only then the rug would be accentuated to perfection.

– While buying a rug make sure it has enough length that it can extend under the major furniture in the area. Ensure all the furniture is on top of the rug. In case you couldn’t accommodate everything just keep in mind to at least cover the front two legs especially if it’s your living area.

– There are certain corners in the room that have higher traffic so when you’re placing the rug, make sure these areas are covered entirely. No furniture or decor item should be off the rug.
– Get your hands on the right way to clean the rug and also the correct fabric softner.

The Don’ts

– Don’t make the mistake of buying a smaller rug or too bigger rug. Always chose just the right size. People often do this mistake and choose either one that looks way too smaller than the room or the one that barely fits.
– Don’t be too picky when it comes to texture, color, or pattern of the area rugs. It’s a home decor tool that is used to introduce an element of playfullness and color so go loose on the nitpicking and just chose anything that fits in your budget.

– Area rugs can be a little expensive at times so you want to place them in areas that are hazard-free. Therefore don’t place your rugs in areas where there are splashes, dampness, or any outdoorsy activities that involve dirt and sand.

So if you’re carpet fan and want to add a dash of elegance in your home with the beautiful area rugs, hope this blog helps you with the choice and right placing.

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