Interior Design: Future with Style

Spaces, walls, rearranging and creating something new and beautiful excite you than interior designing is your calling. In today’s world, your calling will herald a very very bright future for you!

Opting For an Interior DesignAs the world is progressing more and more people are moving to cities. As the number of city dwellers are increasing correspondingly the space is shrinking. There is a dearth need of good and talented interior designers to provide quality living and working spaces. With the increasing purchasing power and the new mindset of younger generation, the demand for efficient and aesthetic living spaces is on the rise. The role and demand of interior designer is increasing day by day. But there is a huge gap between demand and supply.

The interior designing industry is growing at a very rapid pace and is throwing many lucrative opportunities for the talented. It is a rewarding career and the average pay for an entry level designer is around 4 lakh and an experienced and reputed designer can earn up to 30 lakh & more. With the entrance of many international players into the retail, construction and housing market, the young and talented interior designers can secure jobs with international firms.

The Scope

Interior DesignBeing an interior designer is fun and creative. This design discipline can be satisfyingly rewarding as it gives you numerous avenues to explore:

  • Designing homes
    Apartments, studios, penthouses, houses – you will design the living spaces. It could be an original solution for a brand new building or rearranging a old system.
  • Designing work space
    Offices, factories, and all the places where people work. This could be a bit challenging as you will be required to be creative and functional at the same time.
  • Commercial Designs
    Retail stores, malls, shopping arcades…, you will be required to design the business space.
  • Designing Hospitality Centres
    Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs – your skills and creativity are required everywhere.
  • Educational Spaces
    Kindergartens, schools, universities the scope for your work is immense
  • Landscaping design
    All you need is the creative spark, excellent communication skills, innovation, and a passion to transform simple area into beautiful functional spaces. A keen sense of fashion, understanding of cultural preferences, and good management skills will make you stand in the crowd.

The Stepping Stone

Unlike other design disciplines, interior designing is not only about designing concepts. Interior Design skills like technical drawing, space design, latest interior design tools, great communication and interpersonal skills are prerequisite for being a successful designers. A professional course helps you to develop and further polish these traits to your maximum advantage.

Numerous reputed institutions all over India are offering study programs in interior designing. The basic qualification to get into most of these programs is a 10+2. With professional qualification comes the assurance of a good job.  And with adequate experience, you can start your own interior decoration business.
In these times when the interior designing field is growing leaps and bounds, if you are an interior design aspirant, your future is bright!

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