Ideas to decorate the wall you mount the TV on

Unquestionably, imagining life without TV is not possible for any one of us anymore. Television is an integral part of our life. Ending our days chilling in front of the TV is a daily routine for us. Also, a TV room is one place that bonds everyone as you watch movies or show together as a family. The memories you make in this room are precious.

The TV unit completes our entertainment room. Thus, it is vital that the wall decor on which you mount the TV is flawless. You can opt for a TV unit that has other accessories by knocking down the fireplace wall. Or keep the décor to a minimum.

But be sure to give it a trendy and sophisticated look that compliments the entire décor of the room and house.

Here are 7 ideas to decorate the wall you mount the TV on

1. Mural painting for a minimalistic look

If you have an elegant box or unit for storing TV or below the TV and want a simple look for the wall so that it doesn’t look overcrowded, then go for mural paintings. It can be any creative art piece that you find interesting. Want to paint birds or inscribe the first page of your favorite book on the wall, then you can do anything.

2. Decorative candles for a serene TV wall

Another idea to decorate your TV wall is to use decorative candles. Place them scattered between Soundsticks if you have one. Or you can decorate big artistic lamps too.

3. Incorporate the fireplace in your TV room

A combination of fireplace and TV works excellently. Mount the TV above the fireplace. It will give a social yet cozy and warm vibe to your living room. Incorporating a fireplace can happen two ways-either you can have a digital fireplace or have the traditional one. Both will make your TV wall look mesmerized.

4. TV and book room

Place the television in front of an elegant wooden panel against a large bookshelf of matching wood tone. It will be a visual treat for a book lover, who loves to listen to music or play the TV on mute while reading their favorite author.

5. Frame it and cover it

Think about adding a frame around your TV storage? Frame will give a distinctive feel to your TV whether it’s switched on or off. Also, adding a sliding door to the TV cabinet will add a vintage charm to your living room.

6. Stonework

Try adding stonework to your wall behind the TV. It will provide a cozy look to the ambiance, and your wall will look like a perfect piece straight out of a movie.

Let your imagination fly when decorating the TV wall. Be creative and the challenging task of decorating the wall will not be daunting anymore.

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