How to Set up a Wonderful Terrace Garden?

Gardens are intrinsically happy places. The greenery, the aroma, and the serenity you find with them are unmatched. And blessed are those having a garden at home.

However, not all of us are that lucky to own the space to grow a mesmerizing garden. Fret not! Even your terrace is a splendid place to have a fabulous garden. So, how to set up a terrace garden? Well, here are a few tips that will help you transform your terrace into a stunning garden.

Determine a theme

The first step is to determine a theme for your small rooftop garden. The theme will help you decide on the plants, accessories, and furniture you want as per the theme.

Use the local season as your guide

The best terrace gardening tips if you are trying to kitchen herbs in your garden, use the season as your guide. If your city is experiencing summers, grow plants/herbs that prosper in summers and vice versa.

Doing this gives you a better chance to have a beautiful garden.

Balance the shade and sunlight

Another terrace gardening tip that may surprise you is that not every plant needs a massive amount of sunlight to grow. Some requires shade as well. Research before planting any seeds and give them shade and sunlight accordingly.

Give proper space to your plants

Make sure that there is space between your plants. If the area is too small, no plant will get an equal amount of nutrients or sunlight.

They will compete with each other and will not grow properly.

Terrace garden designs– hedges and green walls

If you want a more private garden with facilities for sitting and enjoying nature, grow thick vegetation around the corners of the terrace garden. Thick hedges and these green walls will work to ensure your privacy, which means that you can enjoy private dinners or sip your morning cup of coffee in peace away from prying eyes.

It will take a lot of maintenance, though. Otherwise, your garden will be home to too many insects.

Terrace garden design-Add a waterfall

If you already have a terrace garden and you aspire to give it a new life this summer, try adding a waterfall. It will act as a natural coolant while giving you the idea of bringing the outdoors into the indoors.

It will be a perfect relaxing place with the natural garden and tranquil sound of the waterfall.

Use simple methods to grow the terrace garden

When developing a terrace garden or any garden for that matter, keep the techniques simple. Do not overcomplicate the growing process by using methods that you find on the internet. Instead, talk to an expert or a gardener with simple tactics because they work the best.

Keep pruning the plants timely

Plants need care, so pruning (trimming) the flowering plants often is necessary to ensure that they grow beautifully. After pruning, use soil to cover the tips to ensure that no infection can touch the plants.

Lastly, do add compost for better growth right after trimming the plants.

Gardening is a pleasant hobby; it is an experience that will give you immense happiness. These tips are the right guide on your path to set up a terrace garden. Good luck!

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