How to Give your Living Room a Makeover?

Are you bored of the ambiance of your living room? Do you feel like refreshing your living room to give it a new life? If yes, you do not have to go over budget to do so. There are so many living room makeover ideas on a budget that is also simple to execute.

Maybe you are tired of the fancy chandelier and ceiling lights you have? And want to go for a boho theme? Whatever the reason is, living room makeover in India is possible within budget. Here are few ideas that you should try, and the best part is that you can even mix and match these ideas as per your choice.

1. Spruce up the entranceway  

The entranceway to a living room is most often the entranceway of the entire house for your guests. So, when doing a living room makeover in India, do not overlook the entryway. There are many ways to makeover this part of the living room:

  • Induce greenery by adding potted plants on a shelf or drawers you have
  • Add a stylish doormat
  • Add a new keychain holder or make a photo gallery.  

2. Add color to your white room.

If your living room is full-on white, it can become a bit dull and boring after a while. However, fret not! You can add a bit of flair by adding pops of color in the whole room. For instance, indoor plants can add a bit of greenery to your white house.

Or add paintings or black shelves to put on display any collectibles or showpieces that you have.

3. Use lush leaves to your advantage.  

A living room makeover idea on a simple budget to do is to put a luscious and massive plant in any corner of the living room. It should be a corner that you hardly use. To make the plant more appealing and exciting, paint the vase or use a woven vase.

4. Upgrade the cushions  

A quick living room makeover idea on a budget is to upgrade the cushions you have in your living room. Changing pillows will not cost you too much, and there are so many patterns, colors, and sizes to play with.

A bright or new cushion can add so much difference to the furniture and the room itself.

5. Use an intelligent lighting system

If the living room is well-lit, it looks spacious and airy. If not, it will end up looking dull and cluttered. Hence, renovating the lighting system of the living room can give it a much-needed makeover.

For instance, use hanging lights at different altitudes for better ambiance. Similarly, use tall lamps for dark areas to lit up the room.

In the end, any living room makeover ideas on a budget that you use should do one thing- make your living room cozy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. It should not feel like a fancy hotel room, it is your home, and the ambiance should give that vibe only.

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