The Ultimate Packing Checklist For Every Traveller

Whether it’s your first time or you are a bonafide wanderer, having a list of travel essentials always comes in handy especially if you’re planning to go all by yourself. A comprehensive checklist that covers everything from must-haves to emergency supplies is an important part of or every journey.

So if you are searching for something similar, you have come to the right place. We have stacked up all the traveling essentials that you may or may not need on your next trip. You can go ahead and bookmark this list, coz you gonna need it. Now let’s dig in

  • Luggage What kind of luggage or travel bag you are going to carry primarily depends on the duration of your journey. Plus, every journey is different and what works for a beachside location may not necessarily work for hill stations. So here’s a list of essential luggage add-ons you will need
    – Packing organizers for clothes
    – Packing organizers for electronics
    – Shoe bag
    – Document case
    – Toiletry pack
    – In-flight purse
    – Backpack
  • Clothes Clothing items are undoubtedly the foremost essentials on a checklist. But no matter how fancy your travel is, you should always travel light and carry with you as minimum apparel as possible. When it comes to organizing clothes using a checklist, you can categorize the variety of clothing and pack only one or two of its kind. For example, pack one pair of nightwear, a couple of pair of outerwear, a pair of innerwear, a hoodie, a pair of shoes, slides, slippers, etc.
  • Toiletries It’s crucial to pack bathroom essentials and cosmetics coz you gonna need them all the time. Besides, if you are camping out, believe us you are gonna need them more than food. The list of toiletries include
    – Toothbrush
    – Shampoo and Conditioner
    – Sunblock
    – Toothpaste
    – Soap/Shower gel
    – Shaving cream and razor
    – Deodorant
    – Moisturizer
    – Mosquito repellent
    – Toilet paper
    – Tampons
    – Baby powder
    – Loofa
    – Bobby pin
    – Hairbrush
    – Tweezers
    – Travel-handy mirror
  • First-Aid Essentials First aid kits are readily available in the market so you can just buy one of those or you can even get it on the road. However, if you don’t wish to do so you can simply pack the following and make your own assorted first-aid kit
    – Prescription medicine (in case you’re on any)
    – Contact box
    – Eye-drops
    – Pain-killer (prescribed)
    – Anti-bacterial gel/pills
    – Travel-size tissue box
    – Baby wipes
    – Allergy tablets
    – constipation/diarrhea medication
    – Band-aids
    – Antiseptic and burns cream
  • Identity documents and money These two are what you need the most in case of emergencies so make sure to pack all you documents like passport and visa and enough money to get you through from any emergency situation.
  • Electronics and travel gear You may be traveling for business or for leisure, in either case you would need the gadgets. These include your work-related stuff and some other helpful gear that would come in handy all the time. Here ‘s the list
    – Phone
    – Charger
    – Batteries
    – Camera
    – Flash drive
    – E-books
    – Laptop
    – Tablet
    – Music device
    – Sleeping bag
    – Hand-towels
    – Earplugs
    – Duct-Tape
    – Travel pillow
    – Swiss army knife
    – Reusable water bottle
    – Travel-size umbrella
    – Eye-mask

So these were ultra essential packing list that you must never avoid while traveling.

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