Safety Tips for Shopping in a Store During Pandemic

Today when I was scrolling through Instagram in the wee hours of the morning, I found a meme. It said, ‘2020 is like that year at Hogwarts when dementors were floating around sucking the joy out of everything and the only protection you have is to stay in the castle, think about happier times, and eat chocolate’ -@TaraWineQueen.

This meme hit me hard, and I realized that how deeply the pandemic has affected all of us. We have been staying inside with hopes for the silver lining. However, the pandemic is still on, reaching its peak in many countries. The only good thing is that pandemic has made us realise how resilient we are. We’ve started adapting to the new normal. As restrictions are eased, we are all set to go out and shop. But are we equipped enough?

We may be well-equipped at our workplace or social gatherings but still lack preventive measures while shopping or going to a store? As we meet numerous people in the store and touched tons of surfaces, we need to ask this question:

  • How safe are we while in the store?
  • What precautions do we take?

Well, in this blog, we will talk about some tips that will keep us safe during shopping in stores during the pandemic.

Plan your Visit to Stores

Before you step out to go to the store, take stock of your inventory. Keep a list of all the things – groceries, vegetables, clothes, kids supplies, anything that you are running out of. It will ensure that you buy everything you need in one go, rather than frequently stepping into a store.

Social Distancing Comes First

Stores are allowing a limited number of people in their vicinity. Yet people can be ignorant, and they tend to not abide by the laws. Make sure you are not one of them and follow social distancing. It’s always better to wait at the store, not indulge in crowd, as we have the least idea about the infection amongst the crowd.

Mask & Sanitizer: Our New Best Friends

I can’t emphasize more on this very point. Doing this simple task can exponentially increase your chances staying safe outdoors. So, don’t leave your house without a face-mask and sanitizer.
Pro tip – It’s smart to keep a spare mask in your pocket.

Disinfectant your Cart

If you take a cart in the store, make sure you wipe down it using a disinfectant spray or wipes. Also, don’t forget to sanitize things once you reach home.

Go Cashless

Every store is accepting digital payments at present. So, let us do our parts by going cashless or cardless. If using a card, make sure you wipe it with sanitizer aftee transactions.

Prefer Takeaways if Available

Some stores let you shop without entering them. All you have to do is to add things to the cart, pay and wait in the parking lot for your groceries.

Pro tip: Make sure you disinfectant your phone as soon as you reach your car. It has tons of germs and infections as you carry it everywhere.

There isn’t a clear picture when it comes to the end of this debacle. Therefore, we need to adapt to this new normal. However, we need to see the silver lining and take precautions, being responsible enough to keep everyone safe. Lastly, be kind and help anyone in all means you can. A simple act of kindness can go a long way!

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