Top 5 Outfits For a Vacation On The Beach

It’s almost springtime, and indeed, you must be ready for some R&R at the beach? Right? Beach makes for a perfect vacation. It is fun, carefree, and mesmerizing with a promise of a great time. Though, we girls are often confused as to what to pack for our beach vacation? Do we need an evening gown and a party wear dress? Or packing more swimsuits and casual wear is a better option? The questions are endless because the choices are endless!

Still, you can narrow it down by having at least one outfit for every occasion. For instance, packing a black or white dress is a must if you plan to have a little date with your partner at sunrise near the beach or want to enjoy a party at the beach.

Beach outfits need to be classy and comfortable. Thus, here are five outfits that every girl needs for a vacation on the beach.

A white dress with mules

A white dress with a unique neckline is a must for your beach vacation. Whether going in springs or summers, it is a perfect pick for impromptu dates or a party or event at the beach. It will look gorgeous with mules, preferably in nude or black color. Make sure to add your beach hat into the mix.

Pair it with minimal accessories to get the look right, and every eye on the beach will be on you. You can even go for a casual white dress perfect for a day picnic on the beach.

Bathing suit with a cover-up

A beach vacation without a bathing suit? It’s just wrong.  Make sure you pack at least two-piece of bathing or swimsuit, especially if you love swimming. Do not forget a cover-up as well because tanning is a real thing. Pair your bathing suit with fancy sunglasses and a hat. Oh! Do not forget to carry a beach bag (the straw one is trending right now) for your sunscreen and a book.

Crop-top with shorts

A must-have! Pair your favorite crop-top with shorts for a comfortable day at the beach. Also, for an effortlessly sexy look, pair your denim shorts with a white t-shirt. 

A floral dress

Come on! A beach vacation without a floral dress is so wrong. They are comfortable and pleasing to the eye. The best part, though, is that you can accessorize them with belts and hats to give it a party look. 

An evening dress

An evening dress for a casual dinner and stroll on the beach with your group of friends and partner is another must-have outfit. A black or red dress is perfect for this. Make sure you accessorize it with a stylish hairdo and elegant earrings.

Planning and packaging outfits for any vacation, let alone a beach one is tricky and no laughing matter. These are few suggestions that work for us. Feel free to chime in with your suggestions and ideas.

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