Indian Festive Fusion Outfit Ideas for lighten up Diwali in the COVID Pandemic

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”- Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs.

Aptly said, especially in the time of corona. The pandemic has put our lives on hold, but our clothes don’t have to sit in the wardrobe all day, especially with coming of the festival season. The festivities will not be too lavish, but zoom meetings, pooja, meeting close friends are still on the cards. And you need to look your best version in all events.

Thus, I have decided to assist you with some Diwali festive fusion clothes ideas. It may seem too soon to you, but if you want the perfect outfit, you need to plan. So, to find the meticulous dress, you need to comb your wardrobe with a fine comb. Then, whatever pieces you don’t have, you need to arrange them at the earliest (as pandemic will slow down deliveries).
To help you along, here are some great ideas. Think dazzling, blingy, elegant, chic, anything you feel comfortable wearing,

1. Dhoti style outfit

Dhoti is a classic Indian outfit. And when you mix it with jackets or tops or blazer, they can create quite an appealing fusion look.

2. Pant style saree

A saree is one of the classic dress of India, and it’s perfect for Pooja. This Diwali, give this traditional dress a bit of a twist. Drape the saree on a pant to make an interesting statement. And accessorize it with bold earrings or choker neck set. Take inspiration from these divas.

See how Shilpa Shetty has paired this amazing drape with fish braid and that blouse is amazing, perfect for pooja. Sonam’s dress is great for attending zoom cards party!

3. Waistcoat with jeans/pants

Pair your waistcoat with jeans and pants for an appealing and unique fusion look. Go for bold blazer colour for more effects.
Keep accessorizing to minimal with a dandy watch and nice shoes. The first rule of fusion is to keep the accessories to a limit.

4. Shrug it up

Layering ups gives will give more mystery to your Diwali dress. Thus, this Diwali season go with a fusion look by layering your shrug over some palazzos and tank top. You can find this combo on a lot of stores, or you can mix and match from your cupboards. Also, pair it with a dhoti like these ladies.

5. Jeans with slit kurta

One of the easiest fusion dress for Diwali that most girls can easily whip up is jeans with slit kurta. Comfortable, chic, and sexy, it is the perfect outfit for the pooja, zoom meetings, and all-night celebration. As always keep the accessories to a limit.

6. Kurta with blazer

Men take inspiration from Ranveer Singh. He wore a flowing white silk kurta with silk pants and a black blazer. He is looking sexy and elegant, a bold but amazing fashion choice. Do try.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”- Bill Cunningham. The situation out there sure needs some escapade. And fashion and Diwali are the perfect combo. So, use these ideas and be the brightest star on Diwali.

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