How to Style Neutrals for Summers?

To look cool and chic, not boring!

Neutrals for summer? Hell yes! We indeed like to experiment with colors in the hot summer months. However, neutrals work just as great. You do have to style neutral colors intelligently. It will ensure that the entire ensemble looks chic and not boring.

Colors not for you?

Several women feel that colors don’t suit them, especially when it comes to dressing up professionally. And thus, neutral colors like white, beige, black, and brown can be perfect for them. The only thing to remember is to pair them perfectly and opt for layers or statement pieces that enhance the entire outfit.

Why neutrals for summers are good?

  • It matches with everything
  • You can wear neutral over and over again by pairing it differently each time, and no one will be the wiser
  • It takes you less time to get ready as it always matches
  • They look gorgeous if you style them well

Here are few tips on how to style summer neutrals without looking boring or plain.

Tip 1: Statement pieces add a unique style to neutral colors

Whenever you pair neutral clothes, which is not challenging to do, add a statement piece. It can be anything, from an overcoat to a splendid bag or even a stylish neckpiece or even shoes.

Anything that goes with the overall dress and enhances the tiny detail.

Tip 2: Buy quality pieces

The first rule to pair neutral smartly in summers is to buy them intelligently. You need to test them for quality. Cheap neutrals will never make you look classy, sexy, or elegant.

Tip 3: Fill your closet with quality neutral bases

If you are a neutral clothes person, it is worth investing in few quality neutral bases like blouses or pants or trousers or jackets. They work as a base with which you can even pair few colors. They will look amazing and provides you with tons of options to experiment with.

Tip 4: Metallic are neutral too

If you get bored of the usual neutral colors, opt for metallic ones. The colors like copper, silver, gold, bronze, rose gold, or so are considered neutrals. The only tip here is to choose the metallic color, that goes with the summer season and your skin tone. Silvers are usually the best metallic neutral color choice for summers.

Tip 5: Style the neutral with a dash of bold red lipstick

Red is one bold color that goes well with most neutral colors. The neutral ensemble of yours will look incredible with red lips. The only thing to remember is to buy a red lipstick that goes incredibly well with your skin tone and type.

Tip 6: Soft whites are best for summers

White is a fan favorite, no matter the season. Though, for summers, you need to pick soft whites to ensure your neutral outfit looks cool and chic.

Neutrals are classy and they are not just for old folks! They can suitable for anyone who aims to look classy and chic.

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