How To Start A Career In Fashion Merchandising?

The world of fashion is not only about wearing and designing glamorous clothes. To survive the stiff competition, you need to have business skills and a keen eye when it comes to fashion trends.

As a fashion merchandiser, you will communicate with designers, buyers, manufacturers and so on. You will and can don many hats and work as a merchandise director, store manager or so on.

If you love fashion and have a knack for business, this field is perfect for you. That being said, fashion merchandising is a time-consuming job. Excelling it will require you more than just education. Let us see what can help you start a career in fashion merchandising.

A Preface To Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising is a term that includes many areas of fashion. It can mean juggling between various departments or working in a specific area only. A merchandiser usually works in a textile or a retail store.

The functions of a merchandiser can be specific to or may range from- production development, merchandise promotion, cataloging the products, buyer manager and so on. The main job that every merchandiser has to perform is to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

How To Start A Career In Fashion Merchandising?

Follow the bullet points below step by step to make a career as a fashion merchandiser:


Enrolling into a fashion degree is not a necessity to make a career in this field. But if you want a better and a high paying job, it is highly recommended.  You can enroll in a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising. Or you can enroll in other fashion related courses that can help you understand the current fashion scenarios. There are certificate courses available too for people who don’t want to pursue this as their main education.


To learn the practical skills of this industry, it is crucial that students work off-campus in retail or textile manufacturing stores. It will expose them to the quality, time and hard work an individual puts in the field. For students pursuing only certificate/degree course, an internship is a must.

For a bachelor’s student, an internship is crucial, especially after the second year. It is the ideal time when they can use their education to their advantage.

Finding an internship is hard, but colleges and other agencies can help you with it.

 Further Education

After internship and bachelor’s degree, it is time to decide whether you want to get a job or study further. Doing masters in this field is fruitful but you can delay it for 1-2 year to work in this field for a while.


Design your portfolio, keeping in mind the current fashion trends. It is a competitive field, so if you want recruiters to notice your abilities, draft a portfolio that shows your personal brand and taste in fashion.

Also, create a resume that has all your details- like education, internship and so on. Make sure that the career objective is specific to the job posting.


There are numerous websites, agencies and so on that can help you find a good job. Check job listings, preferred qualities for the profile and then send your resume.

Once you get a good job, make sure you grow in it and switch it up after a year or two when you find better opportunities.


Most students in this field are self-employed. After working for some years and gaining enough knowledge and making contacts, self-employment is the next big step.

 Final Words

There was a time when fashion wasn’t looked upon as a solid job prospect. Times have changed and it has certainly become one of the most competitive and financially rewarding industries in the world.

It’s a creative industry, which is real and demanding. So, before plunging into this, make sure you have a good grasp on business and fashion.

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