Here Are The Top Fashion Trends of 2020

What unfolded this year was quite dramatic and sad, people and lifestyles all around the world got tested and the entire world community suffered a blow. The fashion industry being an integral part of mankind and culture was no exception, and for almost three months there was no major activity anywhere. But as always we have managed to weather this storm as well and things are now starting to get back on track.

After a major halt, fashion and related activities are blossoming once again with designers and brands acknowledging the new normal and offering people with some classic, some old, and some fresh new trends. Having said that, it becomes almost necessary to let you in on the newest trends in the world of fashion this year.

So here’s our pick of top fashions trends this season that you can buy from your favorite online marketplace or store. So let’s begin:

  • Crochet

Crochet is surely getting upgraded this season. The ultra-feminine outfits, shiny suiting, and cozy nightwear that has a modern touch and feel are now popular amongst people within the mainstream setting. With an eye on sustainability, the fashion industry is keen on investing in something special, something that embraces antiquity and nature. So you may find a lot of crochet stuff around when you go shop next time.

  • Disco Collar

A perfect example of how a fashion trend from yesteryears revives so dramatically. And just like that, the Disco is back. The classic broad collar stages a comeback this year with tonnes of Disco outfits flooding the online stores. Modernized on pants, jackets, and button-downs, the look is often seen with bright contrasting colors to make it all the more fashionable.

  • Bermuda Shorts

If despite the immense popularity of hot pants last year, you are still not convinced, then Bermuda shorts are here to save the day. Here’s putting a spin on the classic business suit, designers from Italy embraced the Bermuda clothing to trend this season.

  • In Tiers

Last year saw fashion fanatics doused in the sea of flowing tulle, a subtle sign that gala gowns were all set to do the rounds in the fashion market in place of the basic black-tie affair. Adding on to that idea a new season 2020 are some lovely and light tiered outfits that very playfully offer volume, high drama, and maximum puff. This season you will find a wide variety of in-tiers at almost all the major fashion brands.

  • The Old Wallpaper

No need to spare our favorite florals this season instead, replace it with the classic look of ’60s and ’70s wallpaper for your print palette. A highly colorful, textured, and abstract print dress that perfectly captures the old charm of the ’60s wallpaper in the best sartorial fashion. All you need is just a pair of sandals and you’re good to go.

So these were our top 5 picks of newest fashion trends for India and around the world. Hope you like it.

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