Here are 4 Pairs Of Jeans You Will Ever Need

Jeans are like Mac and Cheese or rather bread and butter of every man and woman who is into fashion and style dressing. No matter what’s your skin type, how tall or short you are, you can pull off a pair of jeans any day anytime then whether it’s a date or a party.

Jeans are easy to wear, look supremely stylish and can fit into any wardrobe just so easily. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend big bucks to get one, it’s as affordable as they come. Then you can wear it with tees, kurtas, shirts, cardigans, hoodies, and practically everything. In fact, in case you’re looking to spruce up your fashion statement, all you need is a nice pair of jeans.

So here in this blog, we are going to share with you the four different classic varieties of jeans you can wear anywhere and would ever need. So let’s start

The High Rise Skinny Crop

It’s much like any skinny fit jeans you see with the only difference being the length. It’s shorter and cropped just above your ankles, giving your feet some breathing space. plus, it looks absolutely chic with ankle boots, sandals, and flats. Gives you that edgy yet sharp look you can carry in parties or college, or even work.

The Classic Stretch High Rise

It’s nice to wear the modern and unusually fashionable clothes every now and then but when it comes to classic, the high rise stretch is the one for you. Right from the early s these jeans have ruled the fashion industry as the one go-to piece of apparel for youth and elderly alike. For cool casual and classy look you can don these any given day.

Original High Rise Loose

These are almost similar to the high rise jeans but with an overall loose fit to let you feel the breeze and make it all the more comfortable. Since there is no waist or thigh area constraint you can pull these up and down as per your liking and create a new and unique look every time you wear it. So if you look at it, it’s simple yet pretty versatile, and obviously a classic.

Bootcut Denims

The very original and elegant bootcut pair flares out slightly around the upper knees and thigh region and stays closer to the body. It gives that classy 80s look that seems to be all the rage amongst millennials these days. So if you’re looking to add a dash of history and class to your wardrobe do not miss out on the denim bootcuts. And since it’s sort of a straight slim fit, it looks absolutely adorable on sneakers, boots, and even slides.

Whether you’re a student, professional, athlete, or a homemaker, it’s almost impossible to do without a pair of jeans. So hope you like our selection of 4 classic pair of jeans you can wear anytime anywhere.

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