Fashion Design Institute – 7 Tips To Find The Best

If you have a creative bone and fashion is your passion then fashion designing is the profession for you. The transition from high school to a college is very crucial as you have to make a vital choice of a career that will define your life.

Do you want to go in for a Fashion Design Institute that is avant-garde in approach or one with a heritage? Or do you want to join a public or a private institute? The reputation, the education quality, skills and excellence, connect with the industry, there are so many points to be considered. If you are aspiring to be a part of the fashion industry then let’s look at some important tips to find the best fashion design institute.

What’s in a Name?

There is no dearth of fashion design institutes in the world. So, what will make you choose one over the many? Do you wish to choose an institute known for its rich history or rather place dibs on the new institute with a futuristic approach? Choose an institute that fits in with your style and approach. Not to forget a thorough check on the curriculum, approach, environment and the reputation.

Money Matters!

Designing institutes are home to creative think tanks of the world. But there is always a price to pay! And so, you must cater to your budget before taking the big leap. Lucky for us, most of the fashion design institutes offer scholarships and facilitated financing programs for promising students. Yet, it would be wise to thoroughly research about different scholarships and financial schemes offered.

P.S Don’t forget to include other costs like, stay, food, books etc.

What’s in it for me?

Do they have dedicated well stocked and updated library, labs, books, drawing and other subject related supplies? Also, important to check is the faculty at the institute. Does the institute have experienced faculties? Does the institute encourage both theoretical and practical knowledge? Do students get to showcase their work on both in-house and public platforms?

Who walked this path before you?

Where do you think most of the crème de la crème of the industry came from? Well, from one of the hallways that you are soon going to walk through. Take out time to find out about the alumnus of your dream fashion school. Not only do you need to find the names of those who made it big but also, those who are working with big names in the industry or who have chosen the path of entrepreneurship. Not only will it tip you off on the standing of the institute but also how vested are the old students in bringing in new opportunities for the newbies.

 The Exposure

A good fashion design institute will give its students feelers of the real world from the beginning of their journey. The visits to fashion houses, photo studios, manufacturers, various ateliers and industrial level production houses play an important role in the growth of a designer. These visits give you an actual taste of being in the industry.

Will you be there for me?

Creative minds need extra pampering. While they need to be given the freedom to think yet they may need guidance when they are stuck. While giving freedom to display ideas and work is important, it is also crucial to offer support and constructive criticism that will help refine skills.. Thus, through other students and alumnus you can find out about the support system in the design institute.

A Strong Networking

And finally! the most important deal breaker should be the contacts of the institute with the industry. While it may not be a cake walk to establish your name in the industry, the least that you deserve after toiling for years is a clear and easy passage to it. The fashion design institute of your dreams, old or new should have connections in the industry that helps you get a job after completing your degree and also an exposure to it as a student.

A good fashion designing institute is a stepping stone for a successful career, making it a very crucial decision for you to make. So, brace yourself to list down a set of detailed questions the answers to which will help you make the decision of a lifetime. Dig in! Because you are going to make a decision that is expected to change your life.


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