Evolution of Fashion Through 21st Century

The world of fashion has always been a very happening one. No doubt the introduction of factories and readymade clothing changed the scenario for makers and consumers globally but the next few decades took things to a completely new level. As we complete the first two decades of the 21st century, it might be a good time to look back and retrospect what can come along in future and what we don’t mind leaving in past. We can start the journey by evaluating the trends decade by decade.

Fashion Evolution: 2000-2010

These were the years that were still being ruled by TV shows as the digital era was still in womb. Celebrity obsession was on peak and they were the trendsetters instead of fashion models. People preferred the style statements relayed by likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and the cast of Friends, One Tree Hill, and SATC.

In India, the mania of Hritik, Shahrukh, Kareena and Balaji telefilms serials were hitting all time high. Women wanted to have the designer sarees and suits worn by protagonists in Saas-Bahu serials and men wanted to follow in footsteps of three Khans.

Movies were biggest influencers and were setting new standards of coolness and swag. Everyone wanted to forget the curly perms and get their hair straighten, leave the curves for a zero figure and get into low waist denims. Halter neck tops as well as bandeaus in awkward, bright prints teamed up together along with boho vibes and asymmetrical tops and skirts. The official wears were becoming less formal as blazers started pairing with distressed denims.

But thankfully as the years progressed the questionable taste in fashion began fading as the serious era of social media stepped in and people wanted to take a peek in Orkut, Tumbler and Facebook photographs of their peeps. And finally we were on the end of a decade as the trends began to shift towards Twitter, Facebook and the just born Instagram.

Fashion Evolution 2011-2020

As an aspiring fashion designer from an esteemed fashion designing institute in Jaipur points out, all fashion trends in this decade resulted from digital mediums. It was the decade that gave identity to masses and created most unconventional fashion icons. The all time high worshipping of celebrities started fading off and people started recognizing them as normal humans who were artists. On the other hand, non-celebs started gaining power through social media and started setting fashion trends through personal choices. Suddenly, fashion became a customizable entity that could be tweaked with personal touches. Anyone with a higher social media following could become a influencer and set their own line of fashion accessories. Kardashians were suddenly the king and branding was now all about creating something from nothing.

People no more cared who appeared on TV as they were busy binging content on YouTube, HBO, Netflix, and other OTT platforms. They wanted to follow the real life entertainers with personalized content than those telling magnified stories on silver screens. This paved way to new fashion choices where curves were now ok and bowls of healthy food seemed better than strict zero figure diets. People wanted to do what was acceptable on social media rather than real society around them.

In terms of hair, hair colors and bangs were the new style statements. Whether long or short, all they cared about was color of hair instead of skin. In terms of clothing, bloggers and viral content became defining elements. People now cared for embellished gowns with off shoulder sleeves, midi skirts in silver metallic colors and denims in all colors varying from bright yellow to faded green and purple. Leather jackets now had popping colors and embroidery. All in all, they picked something from the past and remixed it with an eclectic element to define new fashion norm.

What Does The Future Hold?

As we enter the new decade with new hopes and aspirations it is expected that we will keep the eclectic sense of fashion going on for a while. Don’t get surprised if you see some more homogeneous styles and trends making a comeback. Today might be all about creating best contrast but tomorrow people may want to find some uniformity in their appearance. After all, fashion is all about finding a distinct element that makes you stand apart from the rest. we hope that democracy in fashion continues and creative mindsets get more space without any fear of looking like everyone else.

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