COVID-19 & Shopping – How Things have Changed

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned things upside down in the entire world. The shopping industry is no exception and can be mentioned as one of the most affected industries by the pandemic. Trials in showrooms have been stopped to contain the spread of the virus, social distancing is imposed, and various other norms have been brought into practice. These are expected to significantly impact the shopping behaviour of buyers. Here’s how you can expect the shopping to change.

More Inclined towards Online Shopping

People will be more inclined towards shopping online even after things normalize a bit. They will be sceptical to step foot inside stores concerning the spread of the virus. People were already diverted towards shopping online previously, but the pandemic will bring a boom into the digital market as people have been confined to their homes for too long.

Supporting Local Brands

With all the ‘Aatmnirbhar’ propaganda going on in and around India as well as restricted imports and exports across the world, people will shift their focus to buying from local brands. This will work as a boost to small-sized businesses. However, big chains might suffer major losses.

Sales to Reduce

While stores and malls have been shut for quite too long, they have already incurred a lot of losses. Thus, it is expected when the fashion market gets rolling again, the sales offered as a customer retention perspective every now & then will come to a screeching halt or the number of sales offered in a year would be reduced to some.

Fewer Collection, Excess Stocks

Previously, brands were striving to offer clothes collection on the basis of major seasons. However, it is now expected that they will focus on offering various mini-season collections in a bid to offer something new to the customers from time-to-time & attract various eyeballs.

Purchasing More Casual Clothes

Sitting at home, people have developed an eternal love for Pjs and casual clothing, they are now looking for something comforting and easy-going. Thus, while going out to shop, they will purchase more casual clothes, and the sales for formal attire might witness a dip.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made things go upside down for the entire world, bringing a major economic crisis all across. We believe when things get going again, the shopping behaviour will be majorly changed. These were our views, do tell us what do you feel.

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