Be Creative and Design Your Own Future

Fashion industry has always been about survival of the best. However, the COVID-19 situation has taken up things to a different notch. Aspiring designers are now concerned about their placements and job opportunities. People all over the world are more focused on staying afloat than staying in style. The industry is going through a shift where race to produce and sell more is taking a setback and the need to serve people better is slowly taking centre stage. This is also an opportunity for designers to get innovative and apply their creative instincts in a slightly different direction.

As a teacher from a fashion designing institute in Jaipur points out designers need to look forward to the new face of industry and start adapting to the new trends that are forthcoming. The post pandemic industry will be more focused on sustainable production practices which means the designers will also need to work on products that are eco-friendly. Cost is another big factor that will need to be controlled. You cannot go around designing overpriced clothes, bags and shoes and expect customers to run to stores and grab the first one.

Nervousness is a universal emotion right now. Everyone right from the employers to employees, consumers as well as the weavers and low-wage earners are not certain about coming times. Everyone is finding it hard to deal with the crisis right now and everyone is trying to hold on their own versions of silver lining. Global economy is in a lurch right now and recuperation strategies will be focused on recessionary markets. The best way to stay relevant is by adapting to the given situation. If you are in-between jobs you must get ready to settle for a lower package or the same. Hike might not be possible for a year or two. Make sure you don’t leave any golden opportunity in search of something better.

If you are an aspiring designer than it is better to start looking for online enterprises that are running the show for now. They are the ones who will provide you with needed exposure and experience. Almost all big brands including Micheal Kors, Louis Vuitton, etc. are currently facing recession, they are laying off their workforces and trying to bring down their costs. Fashion weeks and new collections are not a priority anywhere except for those who are adapting to online norms. So, try to work out the possibilities in that direction. It is also the best time to go for independent entrepreneurship. You can always start your venture online and showcase your designs to an online audience.

Last but not the least, it is time to stay psychologically strong. This pandemic has affected people’s psychology more than their physiology. But the biggest upside of the fashion industry is that it prepares its wards for challenges since the beginning. Designers are more headstrong and optimistic because they need to survive an extremely competitive environment. This ability needs to be used to keep up your spirits and hopes for the near future, if you can do that then forging a new way wouldn’t be a challenge for you anymore.

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