Safety Tips for Shopping in a Store During Pandemic

Today when I was scrolling through Instagram in the wee hours of the morning, I found a meme. It said, ‘2020 is like that year at Hogwarts when dementors were floating around sucking the joy out of everything and the only protection you have is to stay in the castle, think about happier times, and eat chocolate’ -@TaraWineQueen.

This meme hit me hard, and I realized that how deeply the pandemic has affected all of us. We have been staying inside with hopes for the silver lining. However, the pandemic is still on, reaching its peak in many countries. The only good thing is that pandemic has made us realise how resilient we are. We’ve started adapting to the new normal. As restrictions are eased, we are all set to go out and shop. But are we equipped enough?

We may be well-equipped at our workplace or social gatherings but still lack preventive measures while shopping or going to a store? As we meet numerous people in the store and touched tons of surfaces, we need to ask this question:

  • How safe are we while in the store?
  • What precautions do we take?

Well, in this blog, we will talk about some tips that will keep us safe during shopping in stores during the pandemic.

Plan your Visit to Stores

Before you step out to go to the store, take stock of your inventory. Keep a list of all the things – groceries, vegetables, clothes, kids supplies, anything that you are running out of. It will ensure that you buy everything you need in one go, rather than frequently stepping into a store.

Social Distancing Comes First

Stores are allowing a limited number of people in their vicinity. Yet people can be ignorant, and they tend to not abide by the laws. Make sure you are not one of them and follow social distancing. It’s always better to wait at the store, not indulge in crowd, as we have the least idea about the infection amongst the crowd.

Mask & Sanitizer: Our New Best Friends

I can’t emphasize more on this very point. Doing this simple task can exponentially increase your chances staying safe outdoors. So, don’t leave your house without a face-mask and sanitizer.
Pro tip – It’s smart to keep a spare mask in your pocket.

Disinfectant your Cart

If you take a cart in the store, make sure you wipe down it using a disinfectant spray or wipes. Also, don’t forget to sanitize things once you reach home.

Go Cashless

Every store is accepting digital payments at present. So, let us do our parts by going cashless or cardless. If using a card, make sure you wipe it with sanitizer aftee transactions.

Prefer Takeaways if Available

Some stores let you shop without entering them. All you have to do is to add things to the cart, pay and wait in the parking lot for your groceries.

Pro tip: Make sure you disinfectant your phone as soon as you reach your car. It has tons of germs and infections as you carry it everywhere.

There isn’t a clear picture when it comes to the end of this debacle. Therefore, we need to adapt to this new normal. However, we need to see the silver lining and take precautions, being responsible enough to keep everyone safe. Lastly, be kind and help anyone in all means you can. A simple act of kindness can go a long way!

Here’s How to Plan a Socially Distanced Picnic

The world is left with a lot of damage to recover from following the COVID-19 pandemic all over. While things have started normalizing at various places and life gets back on track, travelling get kicking again. Staying locked up for months inside their homes, people are now looking forward to taking a few trips or if not much then organizing a few picnics to get connected with the nature again.

However, normalizing things don’t mean that it is getting safer for people to go out and explore, but with a few precautions you are all set. Here, with this write-up we look forward to help you out with essentials to organize socially distanced picnics that are fun as well as safe. Read on to know more:

Picnic Basket

One of the biggest essentials to carry on a socially distanced picnic is carrying a picnic basket. The basket helps you keep your stuff, allowing to avoid getting your stuff touched by common surfaces of other people, eliminating the risk of virus-bidding.

Containers with lid

Another major thing to carry on your socially distanced picnic is containers that come with a lid. This is one of the best ways to secure your food from getting exposed to the surroundings and coming in contact with germs. The lids are a great way to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.


These are a necessity. During summer, picnics are usually by the beach or pool side to beat the heat and towels are one thing which is used by everyone. While having a separate towel is always preached for hygiene purposes, carrying one during the current times will help you stay away from catching any germs.


While the temperature will be at its peak during summers, one of the most important things is to stay hydrated & cooled down. Carrying a cooler during one such picnic trip is a must as it will help you avoid buying drinks from local shops & prevent the further spread of the virus.

These are some of the essentials that we believe can help in the organization of a socially distanced picnic which is fun and safe both.

How to take care of your Handbag from COVID-19 virus?

The world is engulfed with the outbreak of deadly virus COVID-19. The economy has been going down; people are locked inside their houses, and the risk of haunts almost all the things. Non-living things, including your fashion accessories, can be a carrier of the COVID-19 virus. Various reports and studies have pointed out that handbags can be one of the biggest commuters of the virus as they are one of the most-travelled items and are not cleaned on a regular basis.

Moreover, handbags aren’t kept with much of a care. They are often found to be lying off the floors or touching various surfaces which increases the threat of virus contamination on the surface. However, here are a few tips that can help you prevent the COVID-19 virus from surviving on the surface of your handbag. Read here.

Disinfect the Mostly Used Item

The first step is to disinfect the most used items in your bag. Items like makeup, charger and similar stuff that if often borrowed by other people in your circle are needed to be disinfected frequently in order to prevent the budding of the virus on the surface.

Clean your Bag After Going Out

The next is to clean your handbag as soon as you come from outside. While regular cleaning is not much appreciated as it can damage the material of the handbag, it is suggested that you clean your handbag if it has touched any traffic surface like floors as that way it is prone to borne viruses from the surroundings. In case you’ve been out, but your bag hasn’t touched any common surfaces then, frequent cleaning can be avoided.
You can use disinfectant wipes or disinfectant solution or just soap and water to clean your handbag. However, in order to safeguard yourself, wear gloves before cleaning.

Quarantine your Bag

Another important measure that can be undertaken includes quarantining your bag. After disinfecting your bag, you can keep it in an isolated place until further use or even before disinfecting. Isolation or quarantine process for few days can kill the virus as the virus has a lifetime of surviving on surfaces which varies from one to another.

These were some of the tips that we would suggest to you for keeping your bag clean and safe during the tough times of corona. Try them for yourself and ensure you are way ahead in the battle of prevention against COVID-19 virus.

How Can Designing Students Use Online Resources During The Coronavirus Lockdown?

With the lockdown take a toll on the economy as well as learning of people across the nation, time-utilisation has become one of the prominent tasks. If you are someone, who is looking to utilise this time for improving your skills, then we have got something for you. Moreover, if you are a designing professional, then, this is just the right article for you.

Creative tasks, like designing, require daily practise and time. Thus, with institutions and academies already shut, here are a few tips for you to use online resources during the COVID-19 lockdown to work upon yourself. Read on to know more.

To Enhance Skills

The first thing for which the designing students can use online resources is enhancing their skills. The designing students can focus on enhancing their skills by learning various courses online. There are various certification courses available in the digital market which can not only help the students in improving their skill set but also build a magnificent resume with various certifications and courses available online.

Make Side Money

The other important task for which online resources can be used by designing students. The freelancing industry is witnessing a major boom during the current times as people are looking for different ways for a side income. During this lockdown, designing students can use different online resources to bag freelance project and have a side income while enhancing their skills & building an amazing portfolio.

Learn Latest Trends

With the changing demands of the industry, there is every day a new trend presented in the market. The designing industry is no exception & is definitely bombarded with different new trends on an everyday basis. Various online resources can be used by the designing students during this COVID-19 lockdown in order to learn these latest trends & work upon their skill set.

Apply for Internships

The next on the list is applying for digital internships. Internships are recognised as one of the best ways of exploring the corporate culture before joining a particular organisation as a full-timer. Therefore, deigning students can use various online resources available for applying to different digital internship & adding experience on their resume before they go for the job of their dreams.

These were some of the best ways we think designing students can use online resources for developing their skills & gaining experience. Not only this but with these resources, the students can even enjoy a side income. Try these suggestions for yourself & do let us know how they worked for you.

How Can Graduating Students Deal With Covid-19 Lockdown Crisis?

The nationwide lockdown has been making things difficult for everyone out there. Not only businesses and economy are affected, but students are being affected greatly too. Universities and colleges are shut down as a preventive measure to stop the further spreading of this virus, causing various issues for graduating students who were looking up to build up their careers.

Well, now that things look to normalize soon with uplifting lockdowns & the nation being opened in various phases, there are various measures that graduating students can undertake in order to make most of this lockdown & build-up for their future. Here are some tips for graduating students to deal with the COVID-19 lockdown crisis.

Enhance Skills with Online Learning

The first thing that they can do in this time of lockdown is enhancing their skills. There are various skills & personality development courses being made available online with certifications. The courses often offer a free one-month trial period. Thus, allowing students to make most of the online learning in order to develop their skills that will take their resume game a notch up.

Plan for Digital Internship

Another big thing that the graduating students can plan is looking up for digital internships. Sitting at home can be tiresome & with studies about to complete, the shall be having plenty of time. Therefore, it is suggested to look for a digital internship wherein they can apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and add to their experience quotient. Digital internships will give the students an idea about what working in an office is like, explore their interests & build a better career plan.

Keep trying for Online Interviews

The last on the list but definitely not the least important is that they should keep trying for online interviews. The first thing that theses students would do after graduating will obviously be looking up for jobs. Thus, they can utilize this COVID-19 lockdown time for applying to various full—time jobs available in the market. Due to the lockdown, companies are preferring online interviews which can be an additional benefit to these students.

These were some of the best things we believe graduating students can do to utilize their time during this COVID-19 lockdown. If you are also on the verge of graduating and are confused thinking about how to take up things then, these are definitely for you.

How to unlock your hidden potential in Designing during Covid-19 lockdown?

The COIVD-19 pandemic that has been rapidly spread its wings all over the world has brought the world to a screeching halt. However, just like a coin has 2 sides, it too has advantages of its own. The lockdown has definitely limited movement across the world, but it has provided everyone an amazing chance to hone one’s skillset. A plenty of options have opened up while the institutions are going all digital to help people use this time for learning something new.

Here some tips that we would recommend to designing professionals or designing aspirants for unlocking their hidden potential during this lockdown. Read on to know more.

Take an Online course

The best way to learn something new is to take up a course or say learn it from a professional. With plenty of time available at your hands it is quite feasible for you to enrol yourself for a professional online course. This will not only help you unleash your potential but will also help you understand different dynamics of the designing world.

Build your Portfolio

Looking at the day by the increasing competition in different fields of the market, one thing has become crystal clear that is, ‘you can only succeed if you can sell yourself.’ Having a professional portfolio that can show-off your best work to the people in the market increases your chances of getting hired without much hindrance. Thus, we would suggest you to work on improving or building your portfolio.

Pick up some freelance project

Another thing that can help you develop your skills in designing field is taking up a few freelancing projects. This will not only help you earn a few extra bucks but will also put you in a habit to design frequently leading to an improvement of skills. You will be able to identify your potential, the areas of improvement *& your expert areas.

Write Blogs

It is said spreading knowledge is a measure to improve knowledge. The other thing that you can pick during this coronavirus lockdown all across the world, you can pick up creating your own blog and share your accumulated knowledge with other budding professionals. This will help you stay close to the basics by recalling what you’ve learnt on a daily basis.

These are some of the suggestions we would like to present to you. As a professional or an aspirant, it is important that you work up on your skills on a regular basis & there cannot be a better time than this lockdown to do so.

How to De-Stress at Work During Corona Lockdown?

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the lifestyle of people. With lockdowns across the world in prevalence, the working style of companies and businesses has changed to quite an extent. Moreover, with the means of entertainment being completely shut, the level of stress among people seem to be rising rapidly.

If you are also a working professional struck with the corona grief & deep stress, then, this article might be just right about you. Here are a few tips on how to de-stress at work during corona lockdown. Read on to know more:

Maintain a Proper Sleep Cycle

The first tip is to maintain a healthy lifestyle for which having a proper sleep schedule is very important. With you being quarantined, you might think it is a good time to binge-watch all those shows you’ve missed. But that can severely affect your sleep routine, causing more stress. Thus, keep a track of your working hours, entertainment hours & other stuff.

Exercise Daily

In order to stay fit even at home, it is important that you don’t give up on your work-out schedule. While the gyms are closed, you can opt for indoor exercises, take a stroll on your terrace, download fitness apps to get you back on the track. Exercising will keep your body healthy and make your working efficient, in all reducing your stress levels.

Meditate Often

Your mental health is as important as your physical strength. Only when your mind will be at peace, you will be able to work efficiently. We would suggest you to take out some time from your busy schedule and meditate. This will help you increase your concentration power which can help you achieve your goals & targets faster. Moreover, meditation helps you relax; thus, can play a crucial role in de-stressing.

Take Breaks & Relax

Long-continuous working hours can be tiresome and frustrating, adding up to your stress levels. Thus, you should always track your working hours & take in-between breaks. A tired body is a sign of excess working, as soon as you start feeling tired, get up from your chair & take a break. Take a little walk, spend time with your family or take a power-nap. This will keep you fuelled and motivated to work.

These were some of the suggestions that we have found to be helpful in dealing with work stress during corona lockdown. You can try them for yourself and let us know how did they work for you.

The Ultimate Packing Checklist For Every Traveller

Whether it’s your first time or you are a bonafide wanderer, having a list of travel essentials always comes in handy especially if you’re planning to go all by yourself. A comprehensive checklist that covers everything from must-haves to emergency supplies is an important part of or every journey.

So if you are searching for something similar, you have come to the right place. We have stacked up all the traveling essentials that you may or may not need on your next trip. You can go ahead and bookmark this list, coz you gonna need it. Now let’s dig in

  • Luggage What kind of luggage or travel bag you are going to carry primarily depends on the duration of your journey. Plus, every journey is different and what works for a beachside location may not necessarily work for hill stations. So here’s a list of essential luggage add-ons you will need
    – Packing organizers for clothes
    – Packing organizers for electronics
    – Shoe bag
    – Document case
    – Toiletry pack
    – In-flight purse
    – Backpack
  • Clothes Clothing items are undoubtedly the foremost essentials on a checklist. But no matter how fancy your travel is, you should always travel light and carry with you as minimum apparel as possible. When it comes to organizing clothes using a checklist, you can categorize the variety of clothing and pack only one or two of its kind. For example, pack one pair of nightwear, a couple of pair of outerwear, a pair of innerwear, a hoodie, a pair of shoes, slides, slippers, etc.
  • Toiletries It’s crucial to pack bathroom essentials and cosmetics coz you gonna need them all the time. Besides, if you are camping out, believe us you are gonna need them more than food. The list of toiletries include
    – Toothbrush
    – Shampoo and Conditioner
    – Sunblock
    – Toothpaste
    – Soap/Shower gel
    – Shaving cream and razor
    – Deodorant
    – Moisturizer
    – Mosquito repellent
    – Toilet paper
    – Tampons
    – Baby powder
    – Loofa
    – Bobby pin
    – Hairbrush
    – Tweezers
    – Travel-handy mirror
  • First-Aid Essentials First aid kits are readily available in the market so you can just buy one of those or you can even get it on the road. However, if you don’t wish to do so you can simply pack the following and make your own assorted first-aid kit
    – Prescription medicine (in case you’re on any)
    – Contact box
    – Eye-drops
    – Pain-killer (prescribed)
    – Anti-bacterial gel/pills
    – Travel-size tissue box
    – Baby wipes
    – Allergy tablets
    – constipation/diarrhea medication
    – Band-aids
    – Antiseptic and burns cream
  • Identity documents and money These two are what you need the most in case of emergencies so make sure to pack all you documents like passport and visa and enough money to get you through from any emergency situation.
  • Electronics and travel gear You may be traveling for business or for leisure, in either case you would need the gadgets. These include your work-related stuff and some other helpful gear that would come in handy all the time. Here ‘s the list
    – Phone
    – Charger
    – Batteries
    – Camera
    – Flash drive
    – E-books
    – Laptop
    – Tablet
    – Music device
    – Sleeping bag
    – Hand-towels
    – Earplugs
    – Duct-Tape
    – Travel pillow
    – Swiss army knife
    – Reusable water bottle
    – Travel-size umbrella
    – Eye-mask

So these were ultra essential packing list that you must never avoid while traveling.