Mix And Match Ideas For Navratri 2020

1. Saree And Peplum Top:

Sarees with regular blouses are common. It can be given a refreshing look by replacing the blouse with a flowy peplum top. Peplum tops are highly comfortable and breezy which means you don’t need to simmer inside while dancing around. An extremely modern approach to ethnic wear, it goes well even with simple sarees.

2. Anarkali With Jeans:

A student taking fashion design course in Jaipur suggests girls to tweak the traditional wear with a comfortable western piece of attire. You can always team an anarkali with a pair of jeans that you find most comfortable to move around. You may also go with an ankle length anarkali with side slit paired with an embroidered or embellished pair of jeans. Since denim is now available in many colors than the old blue and black, you can easily find a jeans complimenting the color of your anarkali.

3. Lehenga With A Shirt:

It is a new take on an age old rural dressing style. If you are planning to wear a heavy lehenga, you can easily balance its gaudiness with a plain simple shirt. Shirts are loose and airy so they definitely score higher than skin tight blouses. Also, it gives your appearance an indo-western flair that calls for intended green looks from other fashionista around you.

4. Bodysuit with a saree:

This trend is very much in vogue. All those looking to flaunt their curves under wraps may want to give it a try. Pick a heavy body suit and team it with a saree of your choice. You can wrap the pallu anyway you want. Wear it in the traditional way or like a dupatta, your style statement will stay intact either way.

5. Dhoti Pants:

There are two ways to pair up your dhoti pants, you may either go with a crop top or an A-line kurta. No need to spend a bomb for this combination. You may easily mix and match from your existing party wears or get one to compliment the other. Dhoti pants are part of traditional dandiya get-up and perfectly tuns with almost all kinds of tops. Just make sure you get the color combination right.

6. Mix and Match Ideas For Men:

Men also have plenty of choices when it comes to latest ethnic trends. If you wish to go with the classy kurta pajama, pair it with a beaded jacket and juttis. A head gear can also be added to upgrade your appearance, just ensure you get the right color and fabric. Apart from that, you may adorn kurta with Jodhpuri pants, dhoti or a chudidaar pajama.

Noteworthy Points:

  • Navratri celebrations take place the juncture of changing seasons which means your body temperatures will easily rise with little movement. Make sure your attire syncs with this requirement. Those with long hair need to tie up their hair either in a bun or a pony.
  • Since you will be sweating while dancing, make sure your makeup is waterproof and to the point. You may not get manu chances for touch ups and redoes.
  • Balance your accessories with your ensemble. Keep the accessories heavy for simple outfits and vice versa. Men can go for earrings, bracelets and rings with their outfits.
  • Avoid wearing dull colors and invest in basic Indian colors like parrot green, tomato red, lemon yellow. It is best time to go with multi-colored fabrics with light to heavy embellishments.
  • Girls should not shy away from bindis and headgears as they play important role in levelling up the overall appearance.
  • Both males and females should attires that go well with flat or platform heel footwear. Avoid pumps, stilettoes, and ankle heels at all costs as they may result in foot injury or prolong back pain. Save some for diwali.
  • It is better to carry a small side sling purse than a clutch that will loyally hold your phone by your side as you move around the dance floor. Strapless clutches may seem inviting but you will need to part from them as you hold the dandiya sticks in your hands.
  • Do not forget to take some slow-mo videos for your Instagram especially the twirl videos if you have worked hard to get that ethnic look right.

Festive Outfit Idea for Navratri 2020: 5 Ideas to Sort your Dress this Festival

Festivals brings people together and provide hope and happiness in the darkest of times. It is certainly a dark period with the world battling a somber pandemic. Yet, the upcoming festivals provides a light at the end of the tunnel. And Navratri is one such festival that brings with it positivity and hope.

It is one of my most favorite festivals. The strong feeling of courage, optimism, and excitement that fills the air is something no words can describe. Along with Durga puja and Dussehra fair, people wait excitedly for dandiya which is staple during these 9 days. This year, dandiya nights will be limited to our homes and so will be the puja. But that is not an excuse to not wear your finest clothes. Festivals are all about being happy and having, fun and wearing fabulous clothes is one way to shine and be happy.

So, even if you are meeting your friends for Durga puja on a zoom call, make sure your outfit is out of this world. Here are some amazing options for you!

1. Saree

The traditional dress-saree is an epitome of festive wear. You can never go wrong with a saree it is perfect for Navartri sthapana or Durga puja. With so many styles of sarees existing now, you can make an interesting statement. Think pant style or dhoti style sarees or a blazer over your saree for 2020 Navratri.

Experiment with your blouse design, go for something sexy or use your crop top as a blouse. When you wear a saree, you have unlimited options to accessorize it. One tip: if you go for a bun, make sure you put a flower in your hair, it will make a huge difference.

2. Dhoti with blazer and dhoti with a crop top

Fusion clothes are so in trend these days. They are comfortable, chic, sexy, and traditional as well. Men can style a comfy chic dhoti with a smouldering blazer, and it will look stunning for puja or small family get-together.
Women can style a crop top with a dhoti or with a small kurta or a tank top with a long shrug. All these options will look plush for any day of Navratri. With fusion clothes, it is best to tone down your accessories.

3. Fusion lehnga

It is perfect for all girls who want a combination of traditional and modern dress. It is a lehenga that you can match with long-sleeved top or a tank top or any other unique designed blouse. Make sure the lehnga has enough hues fabric so that it makes for the perfect twirl.
The best accessory for this is heavy earrings and some fancy bangles!

4. Jodhpuri pants for men

Jodhpuri pants are so in trend. They are cosy and looks riveting with even a shirt or kurta with or without a waistcoat. So, this Navratri, try this look instead of the usual kurta-pyjama.

5. Heavy dupatta with a simple kurta

Don’t want heavy clothing? Well, this option is easy breezy and festive as well. Buy a heavy silk or chanderi or bandej dupatta and pair it with your basic solid colour kurta. Silver jewellery will pair with it perfectly.

Go crazy with your outfits. Go with bold and comfortable choices and be the center of attraction!

Indian Festive Fusion Outfit Ideas for lighten up Diwali in the COVID Pandemic

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”- Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs.

Aptly said, especially in the time of corona. The pandemic has put our lives on hold, but our clothes don’t have to sit in the wardrobe all day, especially with coming of the festival season. The festivities will not be too lavish, but zoom meetings, pooja, meeting close friends are still on the cards. And you need to look your best version in all events.

Thus, I have decided to assist you with some Diwali festive fusion clothes ideas. It may seem too soon to you, but if you want the perfect outfit, you need to plan. So, to find the meticulous dress, you need to comb your wardrobe with a fine comb. Then, whatever pieces you don’t have, you need to arrange them at the earliest (as pandemic will slow down deliveries).
To help you along, here are some great ideas. Think dazzling, blingy, elegant, chic, anything you feel comfortable wearing,

1. Dhoti style outfit

Dhoti is a classic Indian outfit. And when you mix it with jackets or tops or blazer, they can create quite an appealing fusion look.

2. Pant style saree

A saree is one of the classic dress of India, and it’s perfect for Pooja. This Diwali, give this traditional dress a bit of a twist. Drape the saree on a pant to make an interesting statement. And accessorize it with bold earrings or choker neck set. Take inspiration from these divas.

See how Shilpa Shetty has paired this amazing drape with fish braid and that blouse is amazing, perfect for pooja. Sonam’s dress is great for attending zoom cards party!

3. Waistcoat with jeans/pants

Pair your waistcoat with jeans and pants for an appealing and unique fusion look. Go for bold blazer colour for more effects.
Keep accessorizing to minimal with a dandy watch and nice shoes. The first rule of fusion is to keep the accessories to a limit.

4. Shrug it up

Layering ups gives will give more mystery to your Diwali dress. Thus, this Diwali season go with a fusion look by layering your shrug over some palazzos and tank top. You can find this combo on a lot of stores, or you can mix and match from your cupboards. Also, pair it with a dhoti like these ladies.

5. Jeans with slit kurta

One of the easiest fusion dress for Diwali that most girls can easily whip up is jeans with slit kurta. Comfortable, chic, and sexy, it is the perfect outfit for the pooja, zoom meetings, and all-night celebration. As always keep the accessories to a limit.

6. Kurta with blazer

Men take inspiration from Ranveer Singh. He wore a flowing white silk kurta with silk pants and a black blazer. He is looking sexy and elegant, a bold but amazing fashion choice. Do try.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”- Bill Cunningham. The situation out there sure needs some escapade. And fashion and Diwali are the perfect combo. So, use these ideas and be the brightest star on Diwali.

Here are 4 Pairs Of Jeans You Will Ever Need

Jeans are like Mac and Cheese or rather bread and butter of every man and woman who is into fashion and style dressing. No matter what’s your skin type, how tall or short you are, you can pull off a pair of jeans any day anytime then whether it’s a date or a party.

Jeans are easy to wear, look supremely stylish and can fit into any wardrobe just so easily. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend big bucks to get one, it’s as affordable as they come. Then you can wear it with tees, kurtas, shirts, cardigans, hoodies, and practically everything. In fact, in case you’re looking to spruce up your fashion statement, all you need is a nice pair of jeans.

So here in this blog, we are going to share with you the four different classic varieties of jeans you can wear anywhere and would ever need. So let’s start

The High Rise Skinny Crop

It’s much like any skinny fit jeans you see with the only difference being the length. It’s shorter and cropped just above your ankles, giving your feet some breathing space. plus, it looks absolutely chic with ankle boots, sandals, and flats. Gives you that edgy yet sharp look you can carry in parties or college, or even work.

The Classic Stretch High Rise

It’s nice to wear the modern and unusually fashionable clothes every now and then but when it comes to classic, the high rise stretch is the one for you. Right from the early s these jeans have ruled the fashion industry as the one go-to piece of apparel for youth and elderly alike. For cool casual and classy look you can don these any given day.

Original High Rise Loose

These are almost similar to the high rise jeans but with an overall loose fit to let you feel the breeze and make it all the more comfortable. Since there is no waist or thigh area constraint you can pull these up and down as per your liking and create a new and unique look every time you wear it. So if you look at it, it’s simple yet pretty versatile, and obviously a classic.

Bootcut Denims

The very original and elegant bootcut pair flares out slightly around the upper knees and thigh region and stays closer to the body. It gives that classy 80s look that seems to be all the rage amongst millennials these days. So if you’re looking to add a dash of history and class to your wardrobe do not miss out on the denim bootcuts. And since it’s sort of a straight slim fit, it looks absolutely adorable on sneakers, boots, and even slides.

Whether you’re a student, professional, athlete, or a homemaker, it’s almost impossible to do without a pair of jeans. So hope you like our selection of 4 classic pair of jeans you can wear anytime anywhere.

Here Are The Top Fashion Trends of 2020

What unfolded this year was quite dramatic and sad, people and lifestyles all around the world got tested and the entire world community suffered a blow. The fashion industry being an integral part of mankind and culture was no exception, and for almost three months there was no major activity anywhere. But as always we have managed to weather this storm as well and things are now starting to get back on track.

After a major halt, fashion and related activities are blossoming once again with designers and brands acknowledging the new normal and offering people with some classic, some old, and some fresh new trends. Having said that, it becomes almost necessary to let you in on the newest trends in the world of fashion this year.

So here’s our pick of top fashions trends this season that you can buy from your favorite online marketplace or store. So let’s begin:

  • Crochet

Crochet is surely getting upgraded this season. The ultra-feminine outfits, shiny suiting, and cozy nightwear that has a modern touch and feel are now popular amongst people within the mainstream setting. With an eye on sustainability, the fashion industry is keen on investing in something special, something that embraces antiquity and nature. So you may find a lot of crochet stuff around when you go shop next time.

  • Disco Collar

A perfect example of how a fashion trend from yesteryears revives so dramatically. And just like that, the Disco is back. The classic broad collar stages a comeback this year with tonnes of Disco outfits flooding the online stores. Modernized on pants, jackets, and button-downs, the look is often seen with bright contrasting colors to make it all the more fashionable.

  • Bermuda Shorts

If despite the immense popularity of hot pants last year, you are still not convinced, then Bermuda shorts are here to save the day. Here’s putting a spin on the classic business suit, designers from Italy embraced the Bermuda clothing to trend this season.

  • In Tiers

Last year saw fashion fanatics doused in the sea of flowing tulle, a subtle sign that gala gowns were all set to do the rounds in the fashion market in place of the basic black-tie affair. Adding on to that idea a new season 2020 are some lovely and light tiered outfits that very playfully offer volume, high drama, and maximum puff. This season you will find a wide variety of in-tiers at almost all the major fashion brands.

  • The Old Wallpaper

No need to spare our favorite florals this season instead, replace it with the classic look of ’60s and ’70s wallpaper for your print palette. A highly colorful, textured, and abstract print dress that perfectly captures the old charm of the ’60s wallpaper in the best sartorial fashion. All you need is just a pair of sandals and you’re good to go.

So these were our top 5 picks of newest fashion trends for India and around the world. Hope you like it.

Black in Fashion Council to Drive Equality in Industry

The George Floyd case received a lot of attention sparking a Black Lives matter protest among the people of the entire world. While many came forward to support the cause, the fashion industry looks at stepping forward in a creative manner.

Two big names of the fashion industry, Lindsay Peoples Wagner, the editor in chief of Teen Vogue, and Sandrine Charles, the owner of Sandrine Charles Consulting have joined in hands to support the cause in their own unique manner. The two have decided to set up a Black in Fashion council that will be focused on driving equality in the fashion industry across the world.

Talking about the initiative, the duo said, ‘As a collective, we envision a world in which black people in fashion and beauty spaces can be open and honest, guaranteed equal rights, and be celebrated for our voices. While we are working on our end, we encourage people in the industry to rise to the occasion to sustain long-term change.’

The council already stands strong with 400 industry professionals, which includes the likes of various models, stylists, editors and fashion executives. Moreover, it already has a board of 35 members that comprise of GQ deputy fashion director Nikki Ogunnaike, costume designer Shiona Turini, and Harlem’s Fashion Row founder Brandice Daniel.

The council focuses on establishing gender equality index as well and shall look forward to creating a measurable index for the next three years to record the sustainability of the initiative.

Lindsay People Wagner told Vogue, ‘the Human Rights Campaign already has a corporate equality index for people with disabilities and the LGBTQ community that companies like Kering are already a part of. This would be a way to continue to give companies a report card of accountability without them feeling like they’re being shamed into it, and giving them the actual resources of what people are saying they want to see changed.’

7 Quick Tips To Cleaning Reusable Masks

Masks are an important part of daily lifestyle mainly for protecting people from the risks of COVID – 19 pandemic but have become a fashion accessory as well. Several Fashion Design Colleges in Jaipur are coming up with innovative masks that can match with your outfit. But they too need to be treated regularly and routinely washed depending on how you are using them.

So here are some of the ways in which you can wash your re-usable face mask properly:

Stain removal

If you have stained your cloth mask while wearing, storing, or handling it, you can treat it with a laundry stain pre-treatment product that you use for any of your clothes or other stuff. Invest in a good stain remover if you frequently need to remove a specific stain.

Dirt and Grime

For removing dirt and grime which includes a certain stickiness or dead skin deposition on the mask, you can use an enzymatic stain remover.


In case you have gotten sunscreen on your cloth mask, avoid using chlorine or oxygen bleach as they contain an ingredient called avobenzone which does not react well with them. It can even react with iron in the water and cause permanent rust stains. However, such stains can be treated with rust stain remover.  Just make sure to put the mask through the washing machine after applying the removers as you would not want to breather any of those chemically synthesized remover.

Makeup, including lipstick

Treating makeup stains such as that of bronzer, lipstick, concealer, and foundation – can be done by rubbing alcohol on the fabric. You can also use makeup remover wipes to pre-treat makeup stains on masks.


Sweat can be treated using enzymatic stain remover as it a type of protein stain.

Machine washing

It is easy to clean the masks in the washing machine. You should preferably use warm or hot water as this temperature is suitable for sanitizing the masks and make use of good quality stain-removing detergent for proper cleaning.

Drying and alternate cleaning methods

One of the key steps that you need to take when you are cleaning your mask is to treat it with a dryer which exudes high heat. However, make sure that you choose the right setting for the fabric that your mask is made of so that they do not shrink due to high heat. If you find that your mask has wrinkled or creased from washing, you can iron the mask after drying it on a high heat provided that the setting is suitable for the mask’s fabric. You can even try out steaming the masks as it helps in de-wrinkling and also helps in sanitizing the fabric.

On a final note, make sure that you wash your hands before and after handling the masks to ensure that it remains disinfected and safe for you to use. Also, if you are planning to do something creative and innovative, do check out Fashion Design Courses in Jaipur.

Paris Fashion Week To Go Ahead Despite The Pandemic

The global pandemic has brought things to a screeching halt with no industry being left untouched. Fashion industry too had its own share of ups and downs with various fashion design giants cancelling upon their official collection launches. Brands like Saint Laurent and Gucci have officially called off on their schedule while others like Burberry came up with innovative ideas for the launch.

However, one thing that remains unchanged is the schedule of Paris Fashion Week. One of the biggest fashion events that happen around the world is reported to go as per its schedule in September.

The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) announced in a statement, “it will take place from Monday, September 28th to Tuesday, October 6th and will comply for its implementation to the recommendations of public authorities.”

“Its organization will be completed by the platform set up for Paris FashionWeek® online,” the authorities further added to their statement, hinting upon the undertaking of all the necessary precautionary measures.

While not much has been put forth by the authorities or the organizers, it is believed that the number of attendees can be limited, keeping social distancing in mind. Various other measures like more spaced out seating for the media might also be witnessed as well as the usage of masks by everyone, including the models, can also be a common sight at the event.

COVID-19 & Shopping – How Things have Changed

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned things upside down in the entire world. The shopping industry is no exception and can be mentioned as one of the most affected industries by the pandemic. Trials in showrooms have been stopped to contain the spread of the virus, social distancing is imposed, and various other norms have been brought into practice. These are expected to significantly impact the shopping behaviour of buyers. Here’s how you can expect the shopping to change.

More Inclined towards Online Shopping

People will be more inclined towards shopping online even after things normalize a bit. They will be sceptical to step foot inside stores concerning the spread of the virus. People were already diverted towards shopping online previously, but the pandemic will bring a boom into the digital market as people have been confined to their homes for too long.

Supporting Local Brands

With all the ‘Aatmnirbhar’ propaganda going on in and around India as well as restricted imports and exports across the world, people will shift their focus to buying from local brands. This will work as a boost to small-sized businesses. However, big chains might suffer major losses.

Sales to Reduce

While stores and malls have been shut for quite too long, they have already incurred a lot of losses. Thus, it is expected when the fashion market gets rolling again, the sales offered as a customer retention perspective every now & then will come to a screeching halt or the number of sales offered in a year would be reduced to some.

Fewer Collection, Excess Stocks

Previously, brands were striving to offer clothes collection on the basis of major seasons. However, it is now expected that they will focus on offering various mini-season collections in a bid to offer something new to the customers from time-to-time & attract various eyeballs.

Purchasing More Casual Clothes

Sitting at home, people have developed an eternal love for Pjs and casual clothing, they are now looking for something comforting and easy-going. Thus, while going out to shop, they will purchase more casual clothes, and the sales for formal attire might witness a dip.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made things go upside down for the entire world, bringing a major economic crisis all across. We believe when things get going again, the shopping behaviour will be majorly changed. These were our views, do tell us what do you feel.

Amazing gifts to give your Father on this Father’s Day

Fathers have an important place in our life while our relationship with them is not always open and easy-going. They are like a coconut, hard outside, soft inside. Choosing a perfect gift for your father should be considered one of the toughest things to do because they have a very different taste and choices. Moreover, there is always an uncertainty quotient about him using the gift.

Thus, on this gift, your father something that he’ll always keep close to himself. Here are a few gift ideas that you can try out this Father’s Day and make you superhero feel like the most special man in the world.


The first on the list is cologne. Everyone, including our father, loves to smell nice. Pick a lovely scent that will go very well with his personality and watch him wearing it every day, making him remind of you every time he wears it.


The other most preferred option is clothes. You can choose a classic shirt, some cool t-shirts, comfortable jeans or anything that you feel will look good on your father. As it is said, one can never have enough clothes; they seem to be the perfect gifting option.

Digital Watch

If your father is tech-savvy or let’s say even if he’s not, a digital watch is one of the best gifts for him. With growing age and things, it is important for him to take care of his health. Thus, this Father’s Day gifts him something precious like a digital watch that will not only tell him the time but will also help him keep a check on his health.

An accessory set

There are various platforms, brands and companies in the market that offer accessory gift sets for men. If you are confused between gifting him a tie, a watch, a belt or something on these lines, then these accessory sets are for you. They come in different sizes with a different number of products. You can choose the one that meets your requirement well.

A Grooming kit

Another amazing gift that your father will definitely use on receiving is a grooming kit. Buy him a luxurious grooming kit with the best of the products and look how happy he gets with the gift.

These are some of the gifts we find to be very amazing and usable for all the fathers out there. Try gifting one of these to your father and tell us how happy he was to receive it.