Inifd Jaipur Empowers Students’ Creative Journey (Fashion & Interior)

Developing a career that flourishes creativity is the ultimate goal for young students who have a creative design bent. So, they spend their majorly building their portfolio, honing their skills, studying, and enthusiastically dedicating themselves to the craft, which needs to pay off eventually. And of course, besides their efforts, the fashion or interior design schools they get admitted to will have a significant role in this endeavor.

Moreover, the college must provide students with viable placement opportunities. Otherwise, it is difficult for budding designers to get what they deserve. It is your college that will offer you the jump start to an excellent career. It helps you expand your network and connect with organizations that recognize your talent.

Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD),

Jaipur is one of them. INIFD Jaipur has a global presence with one of the world’s largest network of design institutes.

The institute was founded in Jaipur in 1999 and is the only Autodesk authorized center in Rajasthan. Over five lakh designers have graduated from the institute to date. Internationally acclaimed designers like Mr. Hemant Trevedi offer their services to the institute. The institute is affiliated with the London School of Trends (LST), New York Fashion Week, and London Fashion Week to provide international exposure to its students. Aside from that, the institute collaborates with Lakme Fashion Week, FBB, Fashion Scout, Femina Miss India, Indian Interior Design, and other organizations. Twinkle Khanna, Ashley Rebello, Sara Corker, Joseph Toronka, Manish Malhotra, and others are the institute’s top mentors.

MY NIFD, the student portal at INIFD Jaipur, allows students to learn online. Manish Malhotra, the Chief Mentor, is in charge of these online classes. INIFD Jaipur focuses on the course curriculum and hosts workshops led by renowned designers such as Ashley Rebello, Salman Khan’s stylist. Apart from workshops, INIFD Jaipur organizes all necessary activities for students’ confidence, such as industrial visits, meetings with professionals, fashion shows and events, and seminars. In addition, the institute offers exciting facilities such as a wifi-enabled campus, expert faculty, industrial visits, interior design labs, fashion design labs, studios, and many more.

All Interior and Fashion Design programs at the institute receive placement assistance. Aside from that, the institute offers training and internship opportunities. Adidas, Levis, Arrow, Taj Group, Coca Cola, Godrej, ICICI Bank, Fabindia, Big Bazaar, Jet Airways, Idea, Aditya Birla Group, Kingfisher, Puma, Vodafone, Spice jet, Qatar Airways, HDFC Bank, and many more are among the top recruiters.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit INIFD’s website to create a career in design that holds innumerable opportunities.

Why Choose Inifd Jaipur As Your Alma Mater For Interior Designing Or Fashion Designing?

Are you considering a career in the creative and exciting fields of textile design, fashion design, or interior design? Then you have arrived at the right location.

Amid the flurry of rigorous marketing of numerous institutes, it can be challenging to select the right institute that will not only accelerate your growth and talent but will also present you with a slew of opportunities.

Why Should You Choose INIFD Jaipur? Let’s find out!

  • Globally Recognized Design Education Chain

INIFD Jaipur is globally recognized as a world-class design education institute. It has 180 centers across India and a global presence in 11 countries. As a result, we are the only design education chain that provides equal opportunities, knowledge, and exposure to all students, regardless of where they live. In addition, the institute has an outstanding collaboration with Instituto di Moda Burgo in Milan (Italy) and Annamalai University in Tamil Nadu, India’s oldest university in the design education industry.

  • Expert Mentor Panel

INIFD Jaipur’s expert mentor panel assists each student in gaining a broader understanding of the industry into which they will be entering. In addition, INIFD mentors frequently help students in gaining real-world experience in the design world. Our expert panelists include Ashley Rebello, a renowned Bollywood fashion designer, Manish Malhotra, a renowned Indian fashion designer, and film actress and successful interior designer Twinkle Khanna.

  • A bucket full of Opportunities

INIFD Jaipur provides students with the most exciting fashion opportunity, allowing them to witness Lakme Fashion Week live and meet renowned Bollywood and fashion celebrities. In addition, interior design students at INIFD may also have the opportunity to design the set of Lakme Fashion Week.

Students enrolled in INIFD Jaipur can apply for a 6-month internship with the IIID (Institute of Indian Interior Designers), the industry’s governing body. Apart from this, they provide excellent placements to their student like Panash India Com., Westside, Lifestyle, Puma, Zara, Vasansi Jaipur, Fabindia, Ritu Kumar, and many more.

  • Regular Informative Workshops

Every Saturday, unique and informative workshops are held for fashion, textile, and interior design students. These workshops are led by style and interior design experts. As a result, students have achieved a perfect balance of theoretical and practical exposure.

  • Practical Exposure

INIFD Jaipur recognizes the importance of practical experience in addition to theoretical knowledge, which is why educational industry visits to marble or textile industries are organized once a month to provide students with real-world experience. In the 2018-19 batch, four students (two from interior design and two from fashion design) were allowed to present their work to an expert panel from IMG Reliance, India’s most significant event company. On the other hand, all the INIFD Jaipur Interior designing students can work on the live projects going on in the city.

  • Interactive Events to Showcase your Talent

The institution hosts many events that allow INIFD Jaipur students to showcase their talents to the rest of the world. Among them, events like the INIFD Kids Fashion Show and Art Express were a huge success.

There is nothing you would want when there are so many exciting opportunities in a single package. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Enroll in INIFD Jaipur right away!

Get Yourself Prepared For The Fashion Industry

Fashion across the world is influenced by cultural diversity in many ways. India holding its share of 5% of the global trade in textiles and apparel, there are immense opportunities for budding fashion designers in the fashion industry.

With the new wave of awareness about fashion attires and understanding, there is a boost in the fashion industry. If you are a fashion designer in the making, get yourself ready with these super-effective tips to grow as a fashion designer. Dig in!

Five Helpful Tips to Prepare Yourself for the Fashion Industry:

  1. Constantly work on your skills: 

    Practice, practice, and it will make you excellent. It would be best to devote time to perfecting your art, whether through binge-watching videos of seasoned designers, acquiring new subject skills, scanning through fashion photography, and more.

  2. Prepare an eye-catching portfolio: 

    Invest in putting together a profile that highlights your work in the fashion industry. Take on small tasks that allow you to experiment and add something new to your portfolio. Participate in projects that require you to step outside of your comfort zone and learn something new.

  3. Embrace rejection: 

    It’s critical to accept rejection gracefully in any field. Keep a polite connection with the agency and/or client throughout the time so that they may consider you for future projects. Stay humble and always be willing to learn.

  4. Top-notch professionalism: 

    Every assignment in the fashion industry necessitates collaborating with several people. It is critical to be professional and timely in the fashion industry, as other talents can easily replace you. So be punctual and professional with your career.

  5. Keep Up on Trends: 

    Fashion designers must keep up with the latest trends to succeed. Enter refining your eye now, so that you can remain ahead of the trends. It will be equally crucial to keep an eye on the mass market offers at your local boutiques and follow fashion week in Milan and other global fashion centers. A broad understanding of fashion and its applications will provide you with a solid platform to express your creativity in class.

Fashion design colleges have specialized courses that can help you prepare for a career in fashion design’s fascinating yet challenging field. Working towards acquiring the characteristics mentioned above will help you to succeed from the first day of school.

It is crucial to choose a college that can facilitate you with the best faculties and impart sound education on fashion. In addition, knowing as much as possible about your program and college will enable you to sail over orientation basics.

Amongst the best Indian fashion designing institutes, INIFD Jaipur assists students in establishing a profound career and excelling in the fashion industry. A robust and informative curriculum gives their students the best exposure and opportunities to succeed in fashion. They have successfully placed their students in organizations like Ritu Kumar, fabindia, Zari, Westside, and many more.

So don’t wait; seize the opportunity.

Fast Fashion Perils And How To Solve The Issue

There have been changes in the fashion sector over the past two decades. Clothing became cheaper, trend cycles expedited, and shopping became a monthly event for many of us, if not weekly. It came at a prize, however.


Fashion, a $2.5 trillion industry, is earth’s second-largest polluting industry, right after the oil industry. The pressure for cost reduction and speedy production means that environmental corners are being cut in the name of profit. The negative impact of Fast Fashion includes the use of low-cost toxic textile dyes – the second-largest clean water polluter in the world after agriculture with the fashion industry.

According to BWSS, fast fashion is a business model that uses cheap resources to produce clothing collections quickly. It can be summarized as inferior, trendy clothing, which samples ideas from fashion shows or celebration culture, turning them into online and almost overnight clothing. Fast fashion is not just a category, but a model of cheaply produced, ‘of the moment’ clothes that are sold at a lower price point. Their desire for speed and value in retail is also growing. It means that consumers will be able to take control of an ongoing cycle of trendy clothing all year-round instead of waiting for new seasonal collections (i.e., spring or summer).


With the planet and fashion workers paying the price, the main problem with fast fashion is the high use of resources in a linear, heavy consumption model. The fashion industry generates over 92 million tons per year and consumes 79 trillion tonnes of water, with developing countries usually carrying the burden for developed countries. In particular, textile dyeing in clothing production is known to be the world’s second-largest water polluter, with pollutants including carcinogenic toxins. Furthermore, increased polyester production has led to a rise in pollution due to microfibers from washing machines that are ultimately pushed out in the oceans around the globe.


Waste is also another major point. The speed at which clothing is produced also means that consumers are disposing of more and more clothing, creating enormous textile waste. For example, in Canada, the average person throws 81 pounds of textiles a year, whereas, in North America, 9.5 million tonnes of clothing can be reused each year.

As a result, most high-end brands have relocated their factories to developing countries where work is cheaper to keep clothes more affordable. But, sadly, exploitation has come as well. On 24 April 2013, Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza factory collapsed, and more than 1000 people were killed and over 2500 injured. There are now about 40 million garment workers worldwide, many of whom have no rights or safeguards. They are among the world’s lowest-paid workers, and approximately 85% are women. Too big to ignore is the exploitation of women’s work.


Thankfully we have a lot of options outside of fast fashion, and if you know where to look, you can find stylish, affordable, and ethical clothing.

Buy Less

Don’t buy something unless you truly need it.

Thrift Shopping

The best way to reduce the footprint of your clothes is to go thrift shopping. It is an excellent way to find good quality attire at a fraction of the purchase price.

Buy Sustainable

Research and purchase from eco-fashion companies that use environmentally-friendly methods in the production of clothing.

With the evolution of market trends and psychological changes in human conduct, the fashion industry needs to change, hopefully coming soon!

Lastly, it’s not about giving up fashion; it’s about considering what you need.

8 Best Eco Activewear To Shop Now For Sustainable Workout

Many people who decide to reject unethical and unsustainable products find that one good habit leads to another. Suddenly, they’re more active, eat healthier, and are more satisfied with their selections.

It used to be difficult to get long-lasting sports clothing, but that is no longer the case. Many brands are now eager to go above and beyond for the environment. Sports and fitness-related brands are more likely to be aware of and keen to use sustainable techniques and ethical production and distribution channel for their merchandise. Here are the best fashionable eco activewear brands you must try out.


Girlfriend’s activewear outfits are constructed from recyclable nylon or polyester fibers sourced from recycled plastic bottles or fishing nets and come in various eco-friendly colored hues. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified has been given to Girlfriend’s recycled fabrics. In addition, each outfit comes with a sustainability report showing how many water bottles they used from landfills, pounds of CO2, and how much energy and water saved.


Repreve, a material manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and certified by GRS and Oeko-Tex, is used in Reformation’s activewear collection. From plastic to polyester, the fibers can be traced indefinitely. The number of bottles recycled and the savings in greenhouse gas emissions, water, and energy are evaluated for each item in the brand’s jumpsuit one-pieces, high-rise leggings, and square-neck sports bras. Reformation’s fabric consumes 45 percent less power, 20 percent less water, releases 30 percent fewer greenhouse gases than virgin polyester, and comes in various soothing colors and easy neutrals.


From its clean silk to its recycled wool and cashmere (ReWool and ReCashmere) to its recycled sneakers, Everlane is no stranger to sustainable materials. The transparent business has pledged to eliminate all virgin plastics from its supply chain. It has recently entered the activewear market with minimalist-designed leggings, bras, cycling shorts, and bodysuits made from recycled nylons and polyesters.


Summersalt’s sportswear comprises recycled polyester sourced from recycled plastic bottles, with an average of 80% to 90% recyclable materials. The Global Recycled Standard was used to certify the bold prints and bright-colored workout wear. The number of plastic bottles needed to create each style is listed on each product page, so remember to bring your reusable bottle to the gym.


You can browse and buy sportswear from Organic Basics on their low-impact website, which loads photographs on demand and reduces power use for a completely sustainable shopping experience. Its eco-friendly training clothes are coated with Polygene, a Bluesign-approved recycled silver salt that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the fabric. Organic Basics’ leggings, bras, and other items are made from recycled nylon, saving water and energy while also diverting waste from landfills and lowering CO2 emissions. Each product has its Impact Index, which is a technique for calculating the brand’s environmental impact.


Stella McCartney, a pioneer in ethical and ecological luxury fashion, followed the same principles and ideals in her Adidas active-wear collaboration. Parley Ocean Plastic and Prime Green recycled polyester, which comes from post-industrial and post-consumer trash, are used to create high-performance recycled materials. Stylish athletic tops, cycling shorts, and sneakers are the result. In addition, both Adidas and Stella McCartney have pledged to eliminate the usage of virgin plastics while also reducing water and energy consumption in their manufacturing processes.


Vyayama’s Tencel fabrics, made from sustainably produced eucalyptus, are soft yet supportive yoga pants and tops. The botanical-based material is a renewable fabric that is certified non-toxic. It also has moisture-wicking characteristics to keep you comfortable. Moreover, the textiles are knitted in the same areas as the production process to minimize transportation impact.


Indigo Luna’s eco-friendly yoga garments are created from certified organic cotton, plant viscose, and Econyl, a fabric made from nylon waste recovered from landfills and oceans. The collection’s muted color palette complements the line’s natural dyeing technique, which incorporates indigo leaves, mango leaves, and redwood bark.

This is the best eco active-wear list we have designed exclusively for you. These brands are doing their part to save our environment; we better do it too.

Best Throw On Dresses For Staying Cool In Summer Heatwave

We’re not climatologists, but it’s getting hot out there. If you’re by the sea, it’s okay; if you’re trying to work, eat, sleep, or live your life, it’s not so great. You’ll need the appropriate clothing to handle a heatwave that makes you buckle unless you’re wearing a hat – which should be something broad and straw – and you need the ideal clothes.

And what is the solution? A throw-on dress. This simple design is the most transformational piece in your closet, delivering a much-needed ‘getting dressed’ sensation to the day without sacrificing comfort and survive the heat waves.

This midi-length dress, patterned and has a loose, billowing form, is a wardrobe chameleon. These statement dresses are a complete ensemble in a single piece, perfect for dressing with perpetually excellent white trainers for a carefree daytime look or bringing into the evening with the addition of square-toed heels or a white ankle boot.

Best of all, these dresses require very little outfit consideration, making them the ideal choice for these occasions. Those bold patterns and vivid colors will always make you appear more put-together, even if you haven’t.

These eye-catching dresses may be worn without any additional accessories and yet look just as effective. And if you have a few extra seconds to finish with, add a set of hoop earrings and a pair of essential shoes for a look fit to skip Instagram Stories and head back to your feed.

These are the most fabulous throw-on dresses that will save you from heatwaves in summers and also save your style for years to come, whether you prefer a strong, abstract print or a pared-back style.


Look no further if you enjoy pistachio ice cream because & Other Stories has the perfect throw-on dress for you. This dress has all the makings of a wardrobe staple to buy now and treasure forever, with its charming puff sleeves and multi-layered skirt.


Ganni’s polka dot elegance is equal parts throw-on dress and sundress, giving you all the summer vibes. Wear yours with a smeared red lip and black dad sandals.


Thanks to artisans in Lagos, Mie offers attractive summer dresses made of 100 percent linen that will carry you through the summer in elegance and ease. Wear yours with a pair of casual sandals for a laid-back evening appearance.


Floral dresses do not have to be fussy. How about this as an instance? This H&M dress is light and breezy, with lots of volumes to keep you cool in every way.


With Zara’s take on the trend, you can make a statement with your throw-on dress. Simple accessories like gold hoop earrings and barely their sandals will complement the dramatic sleeves and embroidery accents.


You’ll feel like you’re on a Balearic beach when you put on Loup Charmant’s throw-on white dress. A basket bag and tan sneakers complete the holiday ensemble.


Everyone deserves to look fashionable and stylish. Some of us have it easy as anything that we wear looks impeccable on us, plus we are blessed enough to afford expensive clothes and accessories.

So, does it mean you need to burn a hole in your pocket to look fashionable? Fortunately, you don’t need to do it.

Many fashionistas can pick affordable clothes and create an ensemble that is to die for. If you are looking for tips to be stylish on a budget, here are a few of them.

Tip 1: Stock on staples

Before you start following trends, you must have tons of staples in your wardrobe. They act as a basic outfit that you can pair with anything. The best staples are neutral in color with limited print or design.

For instance, the staples everyone should have are t-shirts in neutral color in plain print, blue jeans, black pants, and jackets or blazers.

Tip 2: Sell and buy

There are so many things in our closet that we have no use for. We don’t even wear them, and there are few sentimental pieces as well. If you can do sell each and everything online that you have no use for anymore.

Also, look for things online that you like. You will get a better price on these items, and often they are in decent condition.

Tip 3: Swap with sister/friends

One of the best things about having sisters and friends is that you can swap clothes with them. Several times it happens that we buy a piece, yet it doesn’t suit us or look good on us. The same thing can happen with friends or sisters.

So, instead of letting it sit in the closet, it is best to swap so that everyone can wear new clothes and pair them up nicely.

Tip 4: Follow trends

Following trends can help you dress stylishly. You do not need to spend tons of money on magazine subscriptions or on clothes to follow trends. Follow Pinterest account of influencers or fashion blogs.

When it comes to clothes, follow any of the above tips, and you will look chic and stylish on a budget.

Tip 5: Get creative

Start experimenting with clothes. For instance, you can wear a dress as a top or wear an oversized t-shirt as a dress and buckle it with a belt. When you break the rules in the fashion world, it looks stylish.

Tip 6: Set a budget

Set a budget limit for a month that you are okay with. If you want to buy few extra pieces, you can always cancel your Netflix or cable subscription.

Tip 7: Be confident

The best tip to look stylish, chic, and sexy in budget clothes is to be confident. When you wear clothes confidently, you always look amazing.

Use these tips to rock every outfit without burning a hole in your pocket. For more fashion tips, tune into our other blogs.

How to Style Neutrals for Summers?

To look cool and chic, not boring!

Neutrals for summer? Hell yes! We indeed like to experiment with colors in the hot summer months. However, neutrals work just as great. You do have to style neutral colors intelligently. It will ensure that the entire ensemble looks chic and not boring.

Colors not for you?

Several women feel that colors don’t suit them, especially when it comes to dressing up professionally. And thus, neutral colors like white, beige, black, and brown can be perfect for them. The only thing to remember is to pair them perfectly and opt for layers or statement pieces that enhance the entire outfit.

Why neutrals for summers are good?

  • It matches with everything
  • You can wear neutral over and over again by pairing it differently each time, and no one will be the wiser
  • It takes you less time to get ready as it always matches
  • They look gorgeous if you style them well

Here are few tips on how to style summer neutrals without looking boring or plain.

Tip 1: Statement pieces add a unique style to neutral colors

Whenever you pair neutral clothes, which is not challenging to do, add a statement piece. It can be anything, from an overcoat to a splendid bag or even a stylish neckpiece or even shoes.

Anything that goes with the overall dress and enhances the tiny detail.

Tip 2: Buy quality pieces

The first rule to pair neutral smartly in summers is to buy them intelligently. You need to test them for quality. Cheap neutrals will never make you look classy, sexy, or elegant.

Tip 3: Fill your closet with quality neutral bases

If you are a neutral clothes person, it is worth investing in few quality neutral bases like blouses or pants or trousers or jackets. They work as a base with which you can even pair few colors. They will look amazing and provides you with tons of options to experiment with.

Tip 4: Metallic are neutral too

If you get bored of the usual neutral colors, opt for metallic ones. The colors like copper, silver, gold, bronze, rose gold, or so are considered neutrals. The only tip here is to choose the metallic color, that goes with the summer season and your skin tone. Silvers are usually the best metallic neutral color choice for summers.

Tip 5: Style the neutral with a dash of bold red lipstick

Red is one bold color that goes well with most neutral colors. The neutral ensemble of yours will look incredible with red lips. The only thing to remember is to buy a red lipstick that goes incredibly well with your skin tone and type.

Tip 6: Soft whites are best for summers

White is a fan favorite, no matter the season. Though, for summers, you need to pick soft whites to ensure your neutral outfit looks cool and chic.

Neutrals are classy and they are not just for old folks! They can suitable for anyone who aims to look classy and chic.

6 Trends for Summer/Spring to Try in 2021

Looking fashionable and stylish is about comfort and personal preferences. It does not have to be expensive, but something that makes you look classy.
Everyone’s fashion dream came to a standstill due to the pandemic yesteryear.

The dream to try outfits like denim of weird shapes or pilgrim collars did not come to pass. Because our actual ensemble the entire year was sweatshirts and PJs. Though, the new year has come with new fashion hopes. Like last year all fashion designers found a way to organize fashion weeks. We can find a way to dress up and look smart.

It is easier now as we are discussing 7 fashion trends that you have to try. They are inexpensive and will be a fabulous look for this spring/summer.

Trend 1: Fashionable belts

The one way we all use belts is to hold baggy pants or skirts. Though, the new trend is to use it for fashionable purposes. Belts are now a fashion statement, and now you can use the buckle to cinch up a blazer or a summer dress. Go for the basic white or black belt initially, and then you can move on to better options.

Trend 2: Oversized boyfriend jackets

Oversized boyfriend jackets that use shoulder pad with absolute fittings are in trend these days. They look fabulous with trousers or shorts or pencil jeans. The whole ensemble, along with earrings and a hairstyle complimenting it is a pleasing aesthetic for any day.

If you are thinking of buying these jackets, make sure you go for soothing blue or neutral colors as these are fan-favorite. Also, one can never go wrong with a black oversized jacket.

Trend 3: Headscarf

This classic fashion trend is making heads turn. Not only it protects your hair, but it is also an excellent addition to your whole outfit. There are tons of options available for buying a scarf, and you can style it as per your preference. For instance, leave it hanging behind the head or tie a knot under the chin. Both look pretty awesome and can make a simple outfit flawless.

Trend 4: The combination of black and white

Black and white is an evergreen combo that works for every occasion. When in confusion, always go for a black and white outfit. Though the present times call for a trendier option. For instance, add a black belt to your white casual dress. Or pair your white and black ensemble with accessories or a scarf.
Top it up with trendier things to make the entire outfit fashionable and inspirational for all.

Trend 5: Carry a yellow bag

Yellow is the color of spring and summer. Also, this is a timeless piece that goes with all outfits. So, do invest in a yellow bag this season.

Trend 6: White knee-high boots

Boots are always trendy. Though, these white knee-high boots will make any outfit look stylish. They work well with summer dresses or miniskirt. Make sure to accessorize it with trendy pouches for an effortless look.

Make this summer/spring trends yours by accessorizing it according to your style.

Top 5 Outfits For a Vacation On The Beach

It’s almost springtime, and indeed, you must be ready for some R&R at the beach? Right? Beach makes for a perfect vacation. It is fun, carefree, and mesmerizing with a promise of a great time. Though, we girls are often confused as to what to pack for our beach vacation? Do we need an evening gown and a party wear dress? Or packing more swimsuits and casual wear is a better option? The questions are endless because the choices are endless!

Still, you can narrow it down by having at least one outfit for every occasion. For instance, packing a black or white dress is a must if you plan to have a little date with your partner at sunrise near the beach or want to enjoy a party at the beach.

Beach outfits need to be classy and comfortable. Thus, here are five outfits that every girl needs for a vacation on the beach.

A white dress with mules

A white dress with a unique neckline is a must for your beach vacation. Whether going in springs or summers, it is a perfect pick for impromptu dates or a party or event at the beach. It will look gorgeous with mules, preferably in nude or black color. Make sure to add your beach hat into the mix.

Pair it with minimal accessories to get the look right, and every eye on the beach will be on you. You can even go for a casual white dress perfect for a day picnic on the beach.

Bathing suit with a cover-up

A beach vacation without a bathing suit? It’s just wrong.  Make sure you pack at least two-piece of bathing or swimsuit, especially if you love swimming. Do not forget a cover-up as well because tanning is a real thing. Pair your bathing suit with fancy sunglasses and a hat. Oh! Do not forget to carry a beach bag (the straw one is trending right now) for your sunscreen and a book.

Crop-top with shorts

A must-have! Pair your favorite crop-top with shorts for a comfortable day at the beach. Also, for an effortlessly sexy look, pair your denim shorts with a white t-shirt. 

A floral dress

Come on! A beach vacation without a floral dress is so wrong. They are comfortable and pleasing to the eye. The best part, though, is that you can accessorize them with belts and hats to give it a party look. 

An evening dress

An evening dress for a casual dinner and stroll on the beach with your group of friends and partner is another must-have outfit. A black or red dress is perfect for this. Make sure you accessorize it with a stylish hairdo and elegant earrings.

Planning and packaging outfits for any vacation, let alone a beach one is tricky and no laughing matter. These are few suggestions that work for us. Feel free to chime in with your suggestions and ideas.