Best Throw On Dresses For Staying Cool In Summer Heatwave

We’re not climatologists, but it’s getting hot out there. If you’re by the sea, it’s okay; if you’re trying to work, eat, sleep, or live your life, it’s not so great. You’ll need the appropriate clothing to handle a heatwave that makes you buckle unless you’re wearing a hat – which should be something broad and straw – and you need the ideal clothes.

And what is the solution? A throw-on dress. This simple design is the most transformational piece in your closet, delivering a much-needed ‘getting dressed’ sensation to the day without sacrificing comfort and survive the heat waves.

This midi-length dress, patterned and has a loose, billowing form, is a wardrobe chameleon. These statement dresses are a complete ensemble in a single piece, perfect for dressing with perpetually excellent white trainers for a carefree daytime look or bringing into the evening with the addition of square-toed heels or a white ankle boot.

Best of all, these dresses require very little outfit consideration, making them the ideal choice for these occasions. Those bold patterns and vivid colors will always make you appear more put-together, even if you haven’t.

These eye-catching dresses may be worn without any additional accessories and yet look just as effective. And if you have a few extra seconds to finish with, add a set of hoop earrings and a pair of essential shoes for a look fit to skip Instagram Stories and head back to your feed.

These are the most fabulous throw-on dresses that will save you from heatwaves in summers and also save your style for years to come, whether you prefer a strong, abstract print or a pared-back style.


Look no further if you enjoy pistachio ice cream because & Other Stories has the perfect throw-on dress for you. This dress has all the makings of a wardrobe staple to buy now and treasure forever, with its charming puff sleeves and multi-layered skirt.


Ganni’s polka dot elegance is equal parts throw-on dress and sundress, giving you all the summer vibes. Wear yours with a smeared red lip and black dad sandals.


Thanks to artisans in Lagos, Mie offers attractive summer dresses made of 100 percent linen that will carry you through the summer in elegance and ease. Wear yours with a pair of casual sandals for a laid-back evening appearance.


Floral dresses do not have to be fussy. How about this as an instance? This H&M dress is light and breezy, with lots of volumes to keep you cool in every way.


With Zara’s take on the trend, you can make a statement with your throw-on dress. Simple accessories like gold hoop earrings and barely their sandals will complement the dramatic sleeves and embroidery accents.


You’ll feel like you’re on a Balearic beach when you put on Loup Charmant’s throw-on white dress. A basket bag and tan sneakers complete the holiday ensemble.


Everyone deserves to look fashionable and stylish. Some of us have it easy as anything that we wear looks impeccable on us, plus we are blessed enough to afford expensive clothes and accessories.

So, does it mean you need to burn a hole in your pocket to look fashionable? Fortunately, you don’t need to do it.

Many fashionistas can pick affordable clothes and create an ensemble that is to die for. If you are looking for tips to be stylish on a budget, here are a few of them.

Tip 1: Stock on staples

Before you start following trends, you must have tons of staples in your wardrobe. They act as a basic outfit that you can pair with anything. The best staples are neutral in color with limited print or design.

For instance, the staples everyone should have are t-shirts in neutral color in plain print, blue jeans, black pants, and jackets or blazers.

Tip 2: Sell and buy

There are so many things in our closet that we have no use for. We don’t even wear them, and there are few sentimental pieces as well. If you can do sell each and everything online that you have no use for anymore.

Also, look for things online that you like. You will get a better price on these items, and often they are in decent condition.

Tip 3: Swap with sister/friends

One of the best things about having sisters and friends is that you can swap clothes with them. Several times it happens that we buy a piece, yet it doesn’t suit us or look good on us. The same thing can happen with friends or sisters.

So, instead of letting it sit in the closet, it is best to swap so that everyone can wear new clothes and pair them up nicely.

Tip 4: Follow trends

Following trends can help you dress stylishly. You do not need to spend tons of money on magazine subscriptions or on clothes to follow trends. Follow Pinterest account of influencers or fashion blogs.

When it comes to clothes, follow any of the above tips, and you will look chic and stylish on a budget.

Tip 5: Get creative

Start experimenting with clothes. For instance, you can wear a dress as a top or wear an oversized t-shirt as a dress and buckle it with a belt. When you break the rules in the fashion world, it looks stylish.

Tip 6: Set a budget

Set a budget limit for a month that you are okay with. If you want to buy few extra pieces, you can always cancel your Netflix or cable subscription.

Tip 7: Be confident

The best tip to look stylish, chic, and sexy in budget clothes is to be confident. When you wear clothes confidently, you always look amazing.

Use these tips to rock every outfit without burning a hole in your pocket. For more fashion tips, tune into our other blogs.

How to Style Neutrals for Summers?

To look cool and chic, not boring!

Neutrals for summer? Hell yes! We indeed like to experiment with colors in the hot summer months. However, neutrals work just as great. You do have to style neutral colors intelligently. It will ensure that the entire ensemble looks chic and not boring.

Colors not for you?

Several women feel that colors don’t suit them, especially when it comes to dressing up professionally. And thus, neutral colors like white, beige, black, and brown can be perfect for them. The only thing to remember is to pair them perfectly and opt for layers or statement pieces that enhance the entire outfit.

Why neutrals for summers are good?

  • It matches with everything
  • You can wear neutral over and over again by pairing it differently each time, and no one will be the wiser
  • It takes you less time to get ready as it always matches
  • They look gorgeous if you style them well

Here are few tips on how to style summer neutrals without looking boring or plain.

Tip 1: Statement pieces add a unique style to neutral colors

Whenever you pair neutral clothes, which is not challenging to do, add a statement piece. It can be anything, from an overcoat to a splendid bag or even a stylish neckpiece or even shoes.

Anything that goes with the overall dress and enhances the tiny detail.

Tip 2: Buy quality pieces

The first rule to pair neutral smartly in summers is to buy them intelligently. You need to test them for quality. Cheap neutrals will never make you look classy, sexy, or elegant.

Tip 3: Fill your closet with quality neutral bases

If you are a neutral clothes person, it is worth investing in few quality neutral bases like blouses or pants or trousers or jackets. They work as a base with which you can even pair few colors. They will look amazing and provides you with tons of options to experiment with.

Tip 4: Metallic are neutral too

If you get bored of the usual neutral colors, opt for metallic ones. The colors like copper, silver, gold, bronze, rose gold, or so are considered neutrals. The only tip here is to choose the metallic color, that goes with the summer season and your skin tone. Silvers are usually the best metallic neutral color choice for summers.

Tip 5: Style the neutral with a dash of bold red lipstick

Red is one bold color that goes well with most neutral colors. The neutral ensemble of yours will look incredible with red lips. The only thing to remember is to buy a red lipstick that goes incredibly well with your skin tone and type.

Tip 6: Soft whites are best for summers

White is a fan favorite, no matter the season. Though, for summers, you need to pick soft whites to ensure your neutral outfit looks cool and chic.

Neutrals are classy and they are not just for old folks! They can suitable for anyone who aims to look classy and chic.

6 Trends for Summer/Spring to Try in 2021

Looking fashionable and stylish is about comfort and personal preferences. It does not have to be expensive, but something that makes you look classy.
Everyone’s fashion dream came to a standstill due to the pandemic yesteryear.

The dream to try outfits like denim of weird shapes or pilgrim collars did not come to pass. Because our actual ensemble the entire year was sweatshirts and PJs. Though, the new year has come with new fashion hopes. Like last year all fashion designers found a way to organize fashion weeks. We can find a way to dress up and look smart.

It is easier now as we are discussing 7 fashion trends that you have to try. They are inexpensive and will be a fabulous look for this spring/summer.

Trend 1: Fashionable belts

The one way we all use belts is to hold baggy pants or skirts. Though, the new trend is to use it for fashionable purposes. Belts are now a fashion statement, and now you can use the buckle to cinch up a blazer or a summer dress. Go for the basic white or black belt initially, and then you can move on to better options.

Trend 2: Oversized boyfriend jackets

Oversized boyfriend jackets that use shoulder pad with absolute fittings are in trend these days. They look fabulous with trousers or shorts or pencil jeans. The whole ensemble, along with earrings and a hairstyle complimenting it is a pleasing aesthetic for any day.

If you are thinking of buying these jackets, make sure you go for soothing blue or neutral colors as these are fan-favorite. Also, one can never go wrong with a black oversized jacket.

Trend 3: Headscarf

This classic fashion trend is making heads turn. Not only it protects your hair, but it is also an excellent addition to your whole outfit. There are tons of options available for buying a scarf, and you can style it as per your preference. For instance, leave it hanging behind the head or tie a knot under the chin. Both look pretty awesome and can make a simple outfit flawless.

Trend 4: The combination of black and white

Black and white is an evergreen combo that works for every occasion. When in confusion, always go for a black and white outfit. Though the present times call for a trendier option. For instance, add a black belt to your white casual dress. Or pair your white and black ensemble with accessories or a scarf.
Top it up with trendier things to make the entire outfit fashionable and inspirational for all.

Trend 5: Carry a yellow bag

Yellow is the color of spring and summer. Also, this is a timeless piece that goes with all outfits. So, do invest in a yellow bag this season.

Trend 6: White knee-high boots

Boots are always trendy. Though, these white knee-high boots will make any outfit look stylish. They work well with summer dresses or miniskirt. Make sure to accessorize it with trendy pouches for an effortless look.

Make this summer/spring trends yours by accessorizing it according to your style.

Top 5 Outfits For a Vacation On The Beach

It’s almost springtime, and indeed, you must be ready for some R&R at the beach? Right? Beach makes for a perfect vacation. It is fun, carefree, and mesmerizing with a promise of a great time. Though, we girls are often confused as to what to pack for our beach vacation? Do we need an evening gown and a party wear dress? Or packing more swimsuits and casual wear is a better option? The questions are endless because the choices are endless!

Still, you can narrow it down by having at least one outfit for every occasion. For instance, packing a black or white dress is a must if you plan to have a little date with your partner at sunrise near the beach or want to enjoy a party at the beach.

Beach outfits need to be classy and comfortable. Thus, here are five outfits that every girl needs for a vacation on the beach.

A white dress with mules

A white dress with a unique neckline is a must for your beach vacation. Whether going in springs or summers, it is a perfect pick for impromptu dates or a party or event at the beach. It will look gorgeous with mules, preferably in nude or black color. Make sure to add your beach hat into the mix.

Pair it with minimal accessories to get the look right, and every eye on the beach will be on you. You can even go for a casual white dress perfect for a day picnic on the beach.

Bathing suit with a cover-up

A beach vacation without a bathing suit? It’s just wrong.  Make sure you pack at least two-piece of bathing or swimsuit, especially if you love swimming. Do not forget a cover-up as well because tanning is a real thing. Pair your bathing suit with fancy sunglasses and a hat. Oh! Do not forget to carry a beach bag (the straw one is trending right now) for your sunscreen and a book.

Crop-top with shorts

A must-have! Pair your favorite crop-top with shorts for a comfortable day at the beach. Also, for an effortlessly sexy look, pair your denim shorts with a white t-shirt. 

A floral dress

Come on! A beach vacation without a floral dress is so wrong. They are comfortable and pleasing to the eye. The best part, though, is that you can accessorize them with belts and hats to give it a party look. 

An evening dress

An evening dress for a casual dinner and stroll on the beach with your group of friends and partner is another must-have outfit. A black or red dress is perfect for this. Make sure you accessorize it with a stylish hairdo and elegant earrings.

Planning and packaging outfits for any vacation, let alone a beach one is tricky and no laughing matter. These are few suggestions that work for us. Feel free to chime in with your suggestions and ideas.

Evolution of Fashion Through 21st Century

The world of fashion has always been a very happening one. No doubt the introduction of factories and readymade clothing changed the scenario for makers and consumers globally but the next few decades took things to a completely new level. As we complete the first two decades of the 21st century, it might be a good time to look back and retrospect what can come along in future and what we don’t mind leaving in past. We can start the journey by evaluating the trends decade by decade.

Fashion Evolution: 2000-2010

These were the years that were still being ruled by TV shows as the digital era was still in womb. Celebrity obsession was on peak and they were the trendsetters instead of fashion models. People preferred the style statements relayed by likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and the cast of Friends, One Tree Hill, and SATC.

In India, the mania of Hritik, Shahrukh, Kareena and Balaji telefilms serials were hitting all time high. Women wanted to have the designer sarees and suits worn by protagonists in Saas-Bahu serials and men wanted to follow in footsteps of three Khans.

Movies were biggest influencers and were setting new standards of coolness and swag. Everyone wanted to forget the curly perms and get their hair straighten, leave the curves for a zero figure and get into low waist denims. Halter neck tops as well as bandeaus in awkward, bright prints teamed up together along with boho vibes and asymmetrical tops and skirts. The official wears were becoming less formal as blazers started pairing with distressed denims.

But thankfully as the years progressed the questionable taste in fashion began fading as the serious era of social media stepped in and people wanted to take a peek in Orkut, Tumbler and Facebook photographs of their peeps. And finally we were on the end of a decade as the trends began to shift towards Twitter, Facebook and the just born Instagram.

Fashion Evolution 2011-2020

As an aspiring fashion designer from an esteemed fashion designing institute in Jaipur points out, all fashion trends in this decade resulted from digital mediums. It was the decade that gave identity to masses and created most unconventional fashion icons. The all time high worshipping of celebrities started fading off and people started recognizing them as normal humans who were artists. On the other hand, non-celebs started gaining power through social media and started setting fashion trends through personal choices. Suddenly, fashion became a customizable entity that could be tweaked with personal touches. Anyone with a higher social media following could become a influencer and set their own line of fashion accessories. Kardashians were suddenly the king and branding was now all about creating something from nothing.

People no more cared who appeared on TV as they were busy binging content on YouTube, HBO, Netflix, and other OTT platforms. They wanted to follow the real life entertainers with personalized content than those telling magnified stories on silver screens. This paved way to new fashion choices where curves were now ok and bowls of healthy food seemed better than strict zero figure diets. People wanted to do what was acceptable on social media rather than real society around them.

In terms of hair, hair colors and bangs were the new style statements. Whether long or short, all they cared about was color of hair instead of skin. In terms of clothing, bloggers and viral content became defining elements. People now cared for embellished gowns with off shoulder sleeves, midi skirts in silver metallic colors and denims in all colors varying from bright yellow to faded green and purple. Leather jackets now had popping colors and embroidery. All in all, they picked something from the past and remixed it with an eclectic element to define new fashion norm.

What Does The Future Hold?

As we enter the new decade with new hopes and aspirations it is expected that we will keep the eclectic sense of fashion going on for a while. Don’t get surprised if you see some more homogeneous styles and trends making a comeback. Today might be all about creating best contrast but tomorrow people may want to find some uniformity in their appearance. After all, fashion is all about finding a distinct element that makes you stand apart from the rest. we hope that democracy in fashion continues and creative mindsets get more space without any fear of looking like everyone else.

4 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Your Heart And Be A Fashion Designer

A lot of women are choosing not to marry and to take charge of their lives as single women. Much more want to go for more maybe a career and a successful marriage. But men have had many decades of role models to figure out what they want to do and how they want to do it. The women around me have only seen one or two generations of women who have struggled against sexism from their families, the world, even an education system not built for them to have careers. Now with more freedom and all the choices, the younger generation is often confused about what options they have. Here are four reasons why you should be a fashion designer

The sky is the limit

While people hear ‘fashion designer’ and immediately think of high-end couture and runways, the truth is the world is much larger than that. Your friends and well-wishers will think of that, and they will tell you that it’s a hard life and you have high chances of failing. There are a lot of women who do designing courses and go into entirely different fields. You could design handbags or shoes for a big brand, or you could work with handicrafts traders or with fashion n editors. The sky is the limit when you start thinking creatively.

Be your boss (BYOB)

Being a fashion designer doesn’t mean you have to be Dior. If your passion is to make clothes, you could start small, and who knows, someday you might be Gucci or Pantaloons. Start small, and dream large. Opening a boutique or store for a fashion business is not as difficult as you would believe. It is still complicated, and you have to be prepared to do everything from dealing with angry clients to changing the lightbulb. But if this is your dream job, then it’s going to be a good time.

You can dream big

As a career path, it is one in which anything is possible. If you want to see the world, then that is possible. If you’re going to be known all over the globe… that’s more difficult, but there’s no harm in dreaming. You can become one of the top fashion bloggers. It could happen. In a safe career, it never could.

Enjoy life

If designing is genuinely your ambition, then many hardships that your parents anticipate for you will be unimportant for you. Because you’ll be having fun, doing what is truly important to you. It is indeed the most important reason to choose any career path. The essential question is, do you want it? If you have a passion for fashion, then indulge in it. Think through your options intelligently, but take a chance to live the life you want. Fashion, like most creative paths, cannot just be done from the brain; it must come from the heart.

We hope we’ve given you something to think about when pondering your career options! Happy designing, fellas!

Be Creative and Design Your Own Future

Fashion industry has always been about survival of the best. However, the COVID-19 situation has taken up things to a different notch. Aspiring designers are now concerned about their placements and job opportunities. People all over the world are more focused on staying afloat than staying in style. The industry is going through a shift where race to produce and sell more is taking a setback and the need to serve people better is slowly taking centre stage. This is also an opportunity for designers to get innovative and apply their creative instincts in a slightly different direction.

As a teacher from a fashion designing institute in Jaipur points out designers need to look forward to the new face of industry and start adapting to the new trends that are forthcoming. The post pandemic industry will be more focused on sustainable production practices which means the designers will also need to work on products that are eco-friendly. Cost is another big factor that will need to be controlled. You cannot go around designing overpriced clothes, bags and shoes and expect customers to run to stores and grab the first one.

Nervousness is a universal emotion right now. Everyone right from the employers to employees, consumers as well as the weavers and low-wage earners are not certain about coming times. Everyone is finding it hard to deal with the crisis right now and everyone is trying to hold on their own versions of silver lining. Global economy is in a lurch right now and recuperation strategies will be focused on recessionary markets. The best way to stay relevant is by adapting to the given situation. If you are in-between jobs you must get ready to settle for a lower package or the same. Hike might not be possible for a year or two. Make sure you don’t leave any golden opportunity in search of something better.

If you are an aspiring designer than it is better to start looking for online enterprises that are running the show for now. They are the ones who will provide you with needed exposure and experience. Almost all big brands including Micheal Kors, Louis Vuitton, etc. are currently facing recession, they are laying off their workforces and trying to bring down their costs. Fashion weeks and new collections are not a priority anywhere except for those who are adapting to online norms. So, try to work out the possibilities in that direction. It is also the best time to go for independent entrepreneurship. You can always start your venture online and showcase your designs to an online audience.

Last but not the least, it is time to stay psychologically strong. This pandemic has affected people’s psychology more than their physiology. But the biggest upside of the fashion industry is that it prepares its wards for challenges since the beginning. Designers are more headstrong and optimistic because they need to survive an extremely competitive environment. This ability needs to be used to keep up your spirits and hopes for the near future, if you can do that then forging a new way wouldn’t be a challenge for you anymore.

A New Era Filled With Hope, Unity, and Fashion

For a larger part of the world, the COVID-19 crisis has been about awakened reflection and an opportunity to pursue goals differently. Compassion and kindness seems to be the new mantra that will help the world get back on track for real. The fashion industry too is trying to find its silver lining and reconnect with its lost soul. That is one thing that the whole world is looking forward to.

It is clear that the post-pandemic consumer would want to question before buying and more inclined to buy only what is really needed. Therefore, the fashion brands are also opening up their minds towards such possibilities and adopting more sustainable practices. Indian fashion industry has set some ideal benchmarks in this respect. The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) came up with a COVID-19 support fund that takes care of young designers and small businesses in need.

A student pursuing a fashion designing course in Jaipur states that most fashion houses, retailers, fashion magazines, and influencers are busy pivoting and introspecting. Some have made small shifts while there are others who were forced to change their basic business models. Everyone is busy manufacturing masks to stay afloat in these hard times. However, masks are a controversial contribution since mask is not about looks but its way of working. Your mask need not be an expression of your social stature,

Most of the fashion industry has adapted in an expected manner, they are focusing more on online operations. Even big brands like Gucci have decided to go ‘seasonless’ with just two fashion shows this year instead of five. The lockdown has put a huge question mark on the future of fashion shows henceforth the models and designers. Young artists are also anxious about how they will give required exposure to their creativity. So is the state of fashion models who are having a hard time. The only glimmer of hope is in online catwalks where brands will be showcasing their collections via online fashion shows.

A designer teaching at a fashion designing institute in Jaipur states that the fashion industry is known for its ruthless cut-throat competitive atmosphere. For years, the demand in west has driven exploitative policies in production sites in countries like Bangladesh, Thailand, and Indonesia. Even recently, the pressure from western nations forced Bangladesh to reopen 850 garment factories, endangering millions of lives. Also, the sector carries a deep burden of environmental costs. The race to mass produce shoes, bags, and clothes demands more and more resources that is hard for this planet to afford.

The ray of hope is that these hard times have forced the brands to look into the mirror and amend their ways. They are now adopting morally sound practices like recycling, sustainable production strategies, and understand the plight of workers and small designers. As humanity is coming together from all parts and segments of the world, the fashion world is also waking up to responsible, eco-friendly tactics and practices. Let’s hope this soul-searching won’t stop here and will pave the way to rethinking about the most fundamental challenges faced by underline workers of this industry.

Even the Pandemic cannot hold Milan Fashion Week- Best Looks!

The entire world is on a pause due to the global pandemic. No industry found itself untouched by the evil hands of COVID-19 that shut down companies and international events, like the Met Gala or Sports events, and is the reason thousands of people were out of job. Even the fashion industry didn’t come out of it unscathed, and tons of brands like Zara and Forever 21 closed shops in many parts of the world.

But the spirits of a true artist is not so easy to defeat. And this was proved when the London and Paris Fashion Week began on schedule and were a hit. People wearing masks applauded the sheer courage of models and designers. On the same note, the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2021 went on schedule. Even though Italy had a challenging time with coronavirus, the designers didn’t let their spirits die. All designers came with a summer collection that will transport you to Italy with chic and safe clothes. Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Fendi, Marni, Versace, Pucci and Max Marra were some designers who exhibited their summer clothes. Even Valentino came out in support of Italy and ended the Milan Fashion Week with its collection.

Here are some highlights from the week.

  • Versace went for an underwater theme and created ripples by ending the week with their best aquatic print.
  • Versace also showcased some of the best-bedazzled outfits with their popular chain details.
  • Max Mara came with up a jumpsuit in their signature coat- camel colored. It is perfect for wearing in the evenings when you don’t require a jumpsuit.
  • Prada collaborated with designer Raf Simmons to come up with an impressive collection. The best out of those were hands down the coats. They had a modern touch without compromising the look Mrs. Prada exhibits while wearing one. The models exhibited it by wearing it exactly how Mrs. Prada wears, clutching them in the middle and rolling up the sleeves.
  • A formal vest by Armani stole the limelight for being chic and comfortable.
  • Another highlight from Prada was the turtleneck with cutouts and pleated skirts. They added a playfulness to the look.
  • Max Mara reinvented another classic look with their exhibition of cashmere paired with a pencil skirt.

These were some of the best moments and looks from the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2021. No doubt, the pandemic is still here, but safe efforts like these keep lit the hope candle. Which look was your favorite?