5 Tips for Naming your Fashion Brand

Selection of “Brand Name” is a pivotal aspect from the success perspective of any business. You might be having an optimistic assortment of attires or having trendiest of fashion wear items on offer, but slightest of ignorance in choosing the name for your fashion brand can turn in havocs for your business!

As the wise have reiterated time and again – your brand reputation is shaped by the quality of service you deliver, but it is the “name” that provides your brand its first identity!

Marketing gurus and fashion experts are never short of wisdom, when they are asked for advice on this subject. So, whether you are developing a fabulous fashion store or have plans to set a mark with your collection of chic wardrobes and accessories, it makes perfect sense to read through 5 top and handy tips to prompt you name your fashion brand wisely.

Keeping Target Customer in Mind:

First things first – and this may require you to sweat a lot! Do you know that some fashion houses, despite having incredible clothing line and unique attire designs, could not scale high just because they did not know their target customers? You better know this now!

Remember – your target customers are your audience first; if your brand name is not lucrative to woo them, you are less likely to succeed in your purpose.

When naming your Fashion Brand, start perceiving from your target customer’s point of view. If your clothing range is for kids, think about young mothers; if it is for the girls, think about the fashionista women of 20’s and early 30’s.

Try to create sensation:

If you took the first step right, you will have less difficulty in approaching this step – though it is not too easy. When you know who your target audience is, you are better off in choosing a sensational name, or may be crafting a name that can astound your prospective buyers!

Let your fashion brand exhibit personality:

Yes, brands do possess personality, and personality has to be nurtured. Naming is the first step to craft a brand personality.

Knowing this, you should not be surprised now when you see that a lot of fashion brands, like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, etc are named after their designers’ names. This certainly is a smart strategy to captivate buyer attention because such a name crisply clarifies the origin of the clothing line and also the face behind it!

Creatively blending your fashion style with the taste of your target audience, you can come up with a great name for the fashion brand.

Avoid Duplicity:

No, you can’t mess with this, or you may land up in a copyright controversy.

Known names or famed brands are tempting and you may be easily dragged to name your fashion brand inspired by them. Distance yourself from any such storm; with patience and perseverance your fashion brand too can earn a name of its name. Duplicity in any way may only harm your reputation and distract your path to success.

Simplicity matters:

Get a name that is easy to pronounce, simple to remember and is conveniently spelt. Select a catchy font too, but one which does not sound gibberish.

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