How to transform the Space Under your Stairs in Storage Units?

Space has become a constraint in our day-to-day life, and thus, the rebels are looking for DIYs that shall help them utilize even the tiniest of the space for storing their stuff? We bet those viral videos of folding beds, couches that turn complete beds, or stairs that store things, have had fascinated you. Well, …

Know how Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets can Result in a Brand New Look

Painting kitchen cabinets is a new cool when designing your interiors. Designing your kitchen plays a big part in interior design, and there are numerous ways to do it. One of many ways is cabinet painting; it gives your kitchen a brand new look. After you are done painting the cabinets, you will love the …

How to Dress to Impress- Fashion and Styling Tips for Men

Your wardrobe plays a vital role in the overall first impression you project onto others. Many men wonder how to look their absolute best to impress girls. Nowadays, men are more conscious about how they look than women. It’s 2022, and men are finally taking care of their appearance and wardrobe. There is no sure-shot …

Importance of Selecting the Right Colours for Your Living Space!

Interior design involves creating aesthetically pleasing, functional, and safe indoor spaces by determining space requirements and selecting appropriate decorative and utility-based items. It requires a good understanding of spaces and how to optimize them using color, lighting, materials, and furnishings. Interior designers have to work in close contact with architects and civil engineers. 

Fashion In The Twenty-First Century

The fashion industry has always been a hive of activity. The emergence of factories and ready-to-wear garments undoubtedly transformed the global environment for manufacturers and customers, but the 21st century’s first two decades took things to a new level.

As the first two decades have ended, it is an excellent time to consider what we may expect in the future and what we don’t mind leaving behind. If you are a fashion enthusiast wanting to learn about fashion, best fashion institutions in Jaipur help you start your journey. However, for now, here is a sneak peek into the fashion trends decade by decade.